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ZXR250 - what's it worth

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by morericewong, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    I'm just got my bike license and currently looking for a bike.

    I've had my eye on 2003 KAWASAKI ZXR250 with 27000k's
    It seems to be in pretty good condition and hopefully can get one of my mates to test drive it on the weekend.

    I was just wondering what price range should i be looking at? and any tips on checking out the bike would be a great help.

  2. Oh Hi there!!
  3. :LOL:
    What TWEET is trying to say is that people on here appreciate newbies introducing themselves in the welcome lounge before heading out into the main forum. I'd suggest the same, it's a good way of finding out who's local to you. Of course, i did the right thing :angel:

    And to answer your question, i managed to pick up my '89 ZXR250 for $3100 with rego+rwc. However that was a good deal and they can go for as much as $5000 for a nice one.
    Good luck
  4. oh sorry guys I didn't know that

    thanks for the advice ill go do it now

    umm where is the welcome lounge?

    oh by the way when it says 2003 does that mean compliance model cause I was looking for the model on redbook but it doesn't go up to that year for the zxr250
  5. Here's the welcome lounge: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewforum.php?f=46

    As for the year, it could be the compliance date. Does it have one headlight or two?
    If it has two, it'll be the older model (like mine - 1988-1992?) and thus 2003 will be the compliance date. However, there were some models built in Malaysia, imported and sold new up until 2004, but they have the single headlight and are badged as ZX2R "C model".
  6. this is what it looks like



    can you tell the model year from these?
  7. Yep that's the new(er) model. Single headlight, etc. I've also seen that wheel design on most of the Malaysian-built models. So there's a good chance that 2003 is the correct build date.
  8. oh ok so what price range would you suppose this bike would go for?
  9. From what i've seen, anywhere from $5000 to $6500. The 250 market is very inflated in Victoria, such is the demand for learner bikes. This may ease up in June/July, when LAMS is brought in.
    But that doesn't stop you from bargaining prices down :wink:
  10. Thanks mate
    how much would the price vary to NSW around the $4000 - $5000 mark?
    LAMS has already been brought in here but why would that affect the pricing?
  11. Haven't been here so long I had to make a new account :p

    But back to the point,

    Over the years Net Rider has kept me entertained and I've learned lots from the guys (and gals) around here. Remember quite few fun rides and so on. In any case, if you have your heart set on a ZX2R (C), then I am willing to see my baby go to a good home.

    Currently the bike is undergoing a little rebuild to bring it back to its former glory, but as I also own 2 other bikes the project is taking longer then expected.

    If you are willing to spend some time on it, it's all yours. I am even willing to give you a hand with the work required (few weekends should see it up and running .. )

    Let me know what you think morericewong,


    PS. ZXR250C which is the model in question way only produced till 1999, the stated date of 2003 is most likely the compliance date. Also the 27,000 on the odo is most likely off, way off. Just my 2c.

    edit: evil typos
  12. sounds good mate ill have think about it.
    I dont really know too much about bikes so yea it would be good to learn a few things and if I end up with my first bike even better

    but a few questions
    would you be able to post some pics of the bike on the forum?
    how much work needs to be done on the bike and how much ya want for it?
    also where abouts you located just wondering about the travelling distance?
  13. Hey Rice,

    I'll see if I can find some pics of it, if not I'll take some of the bike in its current form.

    How much work?

    Well, the engine needs to be put back together. The pistons need some attention but nothing too serious. I was just going to get another engine and use that instead to save time but never got around to it.

    So really its just a matter of building the engine back from scratch and giving the whole thing a very good clean.

    How much?


    Bike is located in Yagoona (Next to Bankstown)

  14. Hey Rice,

    Unfortunately the bike has found a new home :grin:

    Best of luck finding a ZX2R though.

  15. Bugga! why do all the freebies go before I can stick my hand up? :p
    Oh well...im getting my ZZR250 this week anyway! :LOL:
  16. Only problem is that ALL the post 2000 malay bikes built here were the silver with black lightening bolt colour scheme. So it's either 2003 complied or it's been fully re sprayed...
  17. I just paid a little under $5.5k for mine (see avatar)

    its a 93 with a complete rebuild/repaint around 3k kms ago...
  18. wow nice oracle_sod! That green screams ninja 636 :grin:
  19. thankx :)

    yea its the same green as the 02 636's

    pity i cant ride it yet, don't get license for 2 more weeks (back from holidays), iv had to stick with riding round the car park in my apartment building lol !