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zxr250 on the track

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by TOMatoPASTE, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. any thoughts on eventually turning my zxr250 into a track bike once i can move up..? :) doable? worthwhile? i love it to much to part with hahaha

    what kinds of performance gains would you get if putting some decent cash into all performance parts and exhaust etc?

  2. Definitely doable and I'd certainly say worthwhile. i4 250s would be fantastic to get into track days and get some serious skill development happening.
  3. awesome :grin: anyone with experience in the area?
  4. Well my mate tracked his zxr250 at Phillip island yesterday, and had a ball.
    Top speed of about 175. Lapped pretty well, and corner pretty fast.

    It would be good at a track because if u crash it u wouldnt be in huge debt, pretty sturdy bike. The lighter bikes seem to survive crashes better then bigger bikes. Parts are pretty cheap. Wouldnt kill tyres.

    Suspension is not great, and considering the bikes are pretty old they would need a rebuild, maybe resprung to ur weight.

    Modifications wise, a little bit of hp makes a big difference on a low powered bike. As much as people say its a waste of money for a 250. 3hp gain on 30hp is 10% extra is huge. U dont see other bikes give those sorts of gains. Plus ur more likely to use the extra on a smaller bike and its noticable

    Make sure u got good brakes, engine is in good nic, remove all the unnecessary stuff(lights,undetray,etc)

    Invest in some training, and plenty of track time.

    Good luck
  5. See you got influenced by the other ZXR250 out the other day eh Tom? :LOL:
  6. i had a errr 'crash course' in removing the pop out indicators on the weekend haha :p yeh tested a mates zxr250 adn vice versa who was much more experienced and my engine seems to be in good nice and hav great feel and power in the brakes which is promising (cheers Justin :grin: ).

    i would be happy to put the money down (in due course) for complete engine rebuild (if needed), after market full exhaust system, suspension (althouhg they come stock with multi adjustible), brakes (not that i think it needs it haha) and spend some dyno time tuning carbs etc. no im not loaded but as a long term project bike i would be happy with the outlay if it produced a bike in the end capable of plenty of fun at the track. i also intend to do my own custom respray.

    i intend to do the majority of road riding on atleast a 600 but just want something fun to thrash at a track. hopefully this would fit the bill?
  7. hahaha and his only had performance plugs and engine oil lol

    well iv been thinking about doin a custom respray cos, well it seems fun haha for a while and now that i..... wiped off some of its resale value :wink: im thinkin might aswell go all out and have as much fun as i can with it. it seems like a good starting point
  8. Good luck with it mate.....
    Would like to see the end result once it's all done or in progress.
  9. Check out the price of race bikes, some of them go for bugger all! Would be cheaper than converting and youll more likely get something a bit more powerful (that you wont get over in a hurry)
  10. yeh ill be sure to take pics of the whole process / let u kno when its underway :grin: you seem to have better general mechanical knowlege than me haha
  11. i know i could go cheaper but half of the appeal is the process of building up a bike rather than the occasional day at the track...
  12. Yeah half the fun is building and developing the bike, I still have my first 250 2-stroke track weapon tucked away.