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zxr250 not idling

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Russky, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Hi there everybody. Picked up a zxr250 on the cheap, had a leak that ive fixed, now trynna get it started - wont idle without choke, and bogs when ytou give it the beans. Checked plugs - looks like its runnning rich. Pulled out carby, cleaned out everything, adjusted the fuel/air screws half a turn back. now it wont start at all. i may have fcuked up the float heights as i wasnt very accurate with the measurements. Could this be the problem?

  2. I'd go back and check the float heights. but i read this on a different forum

    "(3)After taking the carbs off the bike is Mega slow and sounds kind odd
    This is caused by getting fuel in the over flow tube (#23) . Now on a bike without a Air ram system the overflow would either be dumped on the road for go back to the air box. Now on the ZXR this is not the case and if you get fuel in this tube it reeks havoc with the fuel of this bike. Fuel can end up in this tube dew to incorrect float heights or because of how you removed the carbs on this bike."
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  3. Running rich cause it will only idle on the choke. Probably actually running too lean. Flat spoot boggin down indicates that. You may have an air leak causing it to run too lean, maybe a cracked gasket. Check that carbs are clean, have good gaskets that arn't cracked, get float levels right and make sure there are no air leaks. If it were running too rich, then it most likely wont run with the choke on, and it would't be flat spotting the way you described.
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  4. Thanks guys. Sorted. Ripped it apart again. Had the float heights wrong.