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zxr250 jet kit to suite race muffler

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by josh1988, May 9, 2007.

  1. Could anyone tell me where i could get a set of these and about roughly how much would i be looking at??

  2. If you know what sized main jet you have in there at the moment (usually stamped on them), just go up a size.

    4 main jets will be less than $20, and are very easy to put in (only require a screwdriver) once you've taken the airbox off.

    If you want a little more midrange power, then whack a 0.5 mm washer under the needles while you're at it.

    A 'jet kit' will simply be larger main jets (to richen up the top end) and different needles (to alter the midrange fuelling).

    You can get jets from any reputable dyno/bike tuning place.
  3. thanks mate, ill have a look tomoro and see what ive got in atm
  4. whats a jet kit.

    ive have a zx2r....

    im interested...... sounds like something relatively cheap, and easy to install....
  5. It's best to change the jetting if you've altered the factory flow settings in any way (e.g. loud pipe, freer flowing filter) as you run the risk of the engine runninng lean.

    It's very easy to do, and cheap.

    Most jet kits include a new needle, but on a 250 with an aftermarket pipe all you really need to alter is the main jet.

    Not all bikes with inline 4's use the same sized main jet on each carb (middle cylinders can get hotter, so use a little more fuel for a cooling effect), so check all 4 while you have the airbox off.

    You'll also need to know what brand of carbs you have (keihin or mikuni), as the threads on the jets may differ between brands. A good tuner will have all in stock.