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ZXR250 - clinking noise, is it oil - PS where is the oil?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by papermate, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Hi, everyone, bit of a newbie here.

    bought an zxr250 2 weeks ago. fair condition, test ride didnt indicate anything funny, but as of 2 days ago i have a bit of a problem.

    When i start the bike (as well as a 15 year old import starts..) its starts well. The issue is that on acceleration up to about 4000 rpm there is a slight, clinking rattling noise, which dissapates from 4 - 8000 rpm then starts around 9 - 100000rpm.

    When i ride and keep the revs about 8000 rpm the bike sounds fine, but when i pull in the clutch lever and change down there is that sound again.

    When i come to a stop and put it in neutral there seems to be a slight, non-obviously but definately there ker-plumking kinky thing thats happening. I hope this is not a stupid comment but it sort of sounds like the valves or pistons are knocking about with lack of lubrication.

    But im not sure where to check the oil, so i dont know what to do from this point other than take the bike in for a service.

    any help or info appreciated.
  2. Check the oil by looking in the perfectly round hole toward the bottom of the right hand side fairing.
    Their is a window with your oil level behind the hole.
    Make sure your in the sun or have a flashlight handy.

    It sounds like cam-chain noise to me, you will need to get it fixed asap if it is, if you let it go and it lets go, your in for more trouble than you ever really want.
  3. thanks, will look. i only assumed that was it, oil sump looks like what a car's does, only round.

    http://ninja250.kingston.net/~jeb/Kawasaki Ninja 250 FAQ.pdf

    /\/\ ive been search and there is a good link for newbies like me.

    what is a cam-chain noise?

    ps - the noise i think im looking for is light 'knocking'.
  4. Cam chain noise could be your light knocking.
    A loose, stretched or worn out cam chain or cam sprockets causes it to wobble as slap when the engine is running at specific RPM. It's just like a stretched drive chain, except it's a bit more critical given it's what is keeping the cams turning (and therefore valves opening) at the right speed.
  5. If this bike has the same engine as GPX205 (Ninja250), that slight knocking sound when in neutral is "normal" my GPX250 has the same knocking sound in nuetral.

    But the knocking sound when you accelarates might need attention. Considering that you could hear the sound in spite of the noise from your pipes.

    Anyway, give your bike a new oil and see if the sound will go away.
  6. Nah, the zxr250 has a 4 cylinder engine... Not that i'm an expert, but it sounds a bit to me like cam chain rattle as well.. Maybe take it to a decent mechanic and get a full service done on it (cant hurt, especially as its new to you) and see what s/he says?
  7. A very common problem with that style of kawasaki cam chain is that the automatic tensioner wears out. It should be repalaced but in some instances it can be repaired.
  8. ok, im thinking logically, (perhaps not mechanically or technically).... but im assuming if its a cam related issue i would have the noise at all ranges of the RPM's. so im hopeing, that its not cam related, just from a cost point of view.

    my line of thinking is that if the noise dissapates at the mid range RPM its because the ciruculation of (lack of) oil/pressure is ''correct'' so to speak. i will take of the faring (which i think is a pain....) and check the oil tonight and see if that fixes the problem.

    thanks for the feedback.... last question...

    ... in regards to cam shaft issues, what at the cost relative to the problems mentioned. is it best case scenario a $50 - $100 job from a mechanic, or am i look a couple of $$hundred for more major issues?

    cheers, papermate.
  9. minimum $100.00, maximum ?
  10. if it is cam chain, look at between 200-400 for a new chain and tensioner.
    Possibly as little as 150 for tensioner alone if the chain is ok.
    Thats installed by a mechanic.

    My cam chain noise was audible at idle, up to around 2000rpm.
    Then again from 7000-8000rpm.

    Noise will be coming from the right hand side of the bike at idle, and sound like your keys vibrating at higher rpm. Or at least thats what mine sounded like.
  11. check ya keys!
  12. not to sound stupid, but do you have anything stored under the seat etc? on my 660cc single, i get a lot of vibration, and i was getting a worrying mettalic rattle as i was riding. turns out under the seat i had a loose screw i put there while checking something out and found i didn't need it. took it out of the compartment and bingo, no more noise :p
  13. A worn out automatic tensioner?!
    What, the spring ran out of spa-doing???

    Come on... seriously, if the cam chain tensioner isn't releasing to compensate for chain slack from wear, then simply removing the tensioner, removing the tensioning bolt and spring, cleaning the entire assembly and moving the slider a few times should fix it. Put the housing back in and bolt it up, then reinstall the spring(s) and the main bolt. Personally i would crank then engine over by hand a few times (or turning the rear wheel manually whilst in gear) just to get to properly tensioned before firing it up. Worst thing would be if whilst doing this, the extra slack in the cam chain allowed one of the cams to skip a tooth or two. :eek: Not good.
  14. the ball bearings on the one way locking ring wear grooves on the tensioner plunger and housing. the one way tensioner ring requires an even surface to work correctly. not like most other tensioners.
  15. Wow, good one Kawasaki! That's a really poor design.
    I wonder if it's possible to retrofit another CC tensioner from another bike.
  16. I personally think its one of those "Too much hassle and possible $$ outlay initially to warrant" things.
    Its not like it happens at every service interval.
    These bikes are 16 years old now (well mine is). So i can give it a break and buy it a new tensioner.
  17. without being a postjacker,

    is this a common kwak issue, or just a 4cyl 250 issue?

    Reason is i just got a GPX250, and between my mate and i we're pretty mechanically nifty.

    I just wanna know if whilst i have all the fairings off, tank out etc its worthwhile inspecting the camchain, and tensioner to prevent the valves gettin munched...

  18. i just had the bike serviced.

    normal service was about $280 dollars.

    they replaced the cam chain tensioner at $70 which fixed the noise.

    Fortunately it did not require the actual cam chain to be replaced, but the bike sounds like a dream again and i am happy. Aparantly my carby had been played with and was a bit loose, so they fixed that too.

  19. Have you washes the bike and forgot to relube the chain? It might need some lubing!