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ZXR250 class models

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dae, May 24, 2005.

  1. hi everybody! this is my first post so hope be doing ok.
    am just gonna buy a zxr250 but i dunno if is A, B or C model, how could i know? got a single fairing with 2 bulbs n paiting is silver/black.

    also after read some posts where miapearson n exmenace spoke a while, would be fine if u guys tell something about ur experience with this bike, like kms per litre or some maintenace needed lately.

    tnx n cya

  2. Ignore the colour scheam as most importers give the bike a new paint job on arival...

    I belive the models A and B were twin headlight and C is a Twin head light incased as one...
  3. Two bulbs seperated is the A model. The C model is two bulbs under one piece of glass.

    The A model is the older model - I'm thinking 1991.

    My ZX2R has been fantastic for what I do - high speed commuting and weekend twisties runs. Compared to, say, a VTR250 or even a ZZR it's quite cramped and not a comfortable ride.

    It is a scaled-down version of the popular ZXR400 sports bike. It goes very quickly for its class and handles very well, way beyond my ability to punish. Because of the higher powerband and the low-down riding position it's not fun to ride in stop-start traffic.

    I'd only buy an older model at the right price. Chances are it's been thrashed, dropped, misused by generation after generation of learners.
  4. i find my zxr comfortable and ive been riding to and fro work 45 minutes each day.. (except for today.. ive hidden from the rain....that better come !!)

    as for riding in the city.. the only riding ive done in peak hour was last friday (grr) i was sweating so bad i had to justu get off and yeah that was a tad annoying. ( but then this chic walked past and commented on how 'cute' my bike was .. ???? i said.. CUTE? ITS A MEAN GREEN FIGHTING MACHINE WOMAN!!! KOWABUNGA!!! ) but it was too late.. before i could think of that witty comment she had walked off :(

    havn't really tested the turning capabilities out to its potential, and havn't mastered slow cornering yet but will get the hang of it soon.

    too bad i have to get new top fairing.. :(
  5. I don't mind it so much for the 30 minute commute.

    Next coffee night or ride, ask a VTR250 rider really nicely if you can sit on their bike. Get somebody to hold the bike up and put your feet on the pegs and your hands on the bars. Then you'll realise what I'm talking about :) I rather corner on the ZXR but I'd rather cruise on the VTR.

    Ditto. I can tight-turn but because it's unstable at best in first and second it's a bugger to do a U-turn on.
  6. tnx guys! about riding position... well, i am lookin for a rr style so "confortable" is obviusly not a feature.

    just to keep doubts aways, theres a link of my bike, just da same.. so i should thougt is a C model, right?


  7. I got(kinda had) a fzr250 and tried a few of the 250 "sports" and found the fzr very comfy. so much so that i did a 5hour ride on the first night,

    I do hate it when people say its cute though i do share this shame.
  8. Definately a ZXR250C

    Identical to mine, only i got rid of the poxy lightning bolt stickers.

    Lots of fun, enjoy!
  9. cool mcbig! do u know how much gas it takes each 100km n how long can u go with a tank? (is it 13 + 2 reserve? manual just say 15L)

    tnx in advance
  10. I suspect that it's 11 + 4 reserve. I get about 190km's before hitting reserve.

    And yeah, that's a picture of the bike I have. They're niiiiice. Going price for one in good nick is about $6500.
  11. Nice looking bike.

    ZXR's just look so cool.
  12. i got 360~ before i went to reserve.. then only to 380 because i didnt want to put out of petrol :D

    i rode today.. dont rain!!

    filled up last night.. 11 bucks yay..
  13. You're kidding me.

    There's no way that bike could do 400km's to a tank.

    The only things I can think of are:
    - your trip meter wasn't reset the last time you filled up
    - your bike is running _really_ lean
    - you keep it below 6,000 all the time

    I'm beginning to think that my bike runs a bit rich, meself..
  14. i usually change at around 8..

    i was on 270 when i filled up last night and there was still some left in the tank..

    sometimes i will only click up at 5..

    i thought id use more petrol because i was cruisin on the highway?
  15. You're not riding anywhere near hard enough guys!

    I change up at between 16-19000, and I only get around 160-170km before switching to reserve.

    On a ride to melbourne from mount gambier, along the great ocean road, I was using around 7 litres per 100km. (Which incidently was pretty much spot on what my mate was using on his Honda 750 Shadow - Only he walked with much less of a hunch when we finally got there!)

    By the way mine was brand new (only had 1.5kms on clock) and I paid $8000 including on road costs.
  16. then maybe my trip clock is fcuked?


    mine was 4,4 on road 36 cliks.
  17. You either got a bloody good deal if the odo is legit...or...

    Did it 'look' like a new bike? ie No scratches or dings anywhere (tank is a good place to look), no grease or lube on rear forks (that what you call em?), new tyres, etc etc.

    Oh, check on the bit of metal below where the key goes in. (i think its called the triple clamp - not sure though?) . If its had more than 36 clicks, you may find scratches where keys have rattled around and scratched up the surface.

    Mine came with the factory plastic still on the seats!
    (not that that couldn't be faked i guess)
  18. i assume your talking to me mcbigg ; p

    it had been stacked a month before and resprayed. minor scratches and bits of the paint job are shabby.

    also haggled down..
  19. Ah, explains the cheap price then!

    But what about the36 cliks? Someone stacked it after riding only 36 cliks?
  20. the last guy got it at 27.

    it was the original blue colour, it probably was thrown a few times.. but atleast it wasnt kept in a warehouse for years.

    runs really well.. im enjoying it.. rode homw in the rain today.. bit scary but kept it slow ;p

    perhaps we could organise a ride for sunday!