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ZXR250 back tyre cover - needed?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Omfalon, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    I'd like to hear the groups' thoughts regarding the back tyre cover on the Kawasaki ZXR250 (1994) and how necessary it really is.

    I've removed it to paint on a colour to match the body of the bike but now favour the more modern look without the cover, which creates an openness around the back tyre, similar to the modern Ninjas.
    As far as I can tell it acts as a chain guard and to shield the underside of the passenger cowl from tyre fling off; while the modern Ninjas no longer shield the tyre, they've retained a much more diminutive and slender chain guard, so this raises another side question: why does the chain seemingly only need to be guarded along the upper run?


  2. if there's anything that owning a zxr has taught me....it's dont force it....the bike will lose what parts it wants to over time... ask @109er for clarification of my bike making it's own aerodynamic/weight reduction mods.
  3. Because if the chain ever breaks coming off the rear sprocket it's going to whip forwards from the top of the sprocket into the engine cases/the frame/your leg/whatever. A good chain guard should be able to contain this. A break anywhere on the lower run will hopefully dump the chain on the road as it runs off the front sprocket. Or not.
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  4. Haha, I messaged him and he told a very good yarn about your admirable trek. It is reassuring to know that I am being carried by something which is tried and true.
    I have replaced the cover and I actually like the look of it, especially now that it matches the primary colour of the bike's fairings, giving the overall body a little more beef.
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  5. Ah, good point. I was only considering the chain guard as guarding from external things affecting the chain, but the chain guard protecting me from a rogue chain itself is just as valid a reason for fixing a guard.
    It will stay.
  6. *nods* i've been without my trusty zxr250A for over a week now and it guts me terribly - going on a road trip to pick the ol' girl up later today (there are simply far too many laws that i'm not breaking when i'm apart from that bike....and that crushes my immature soul.)