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ZXR250-A workshop manual.... Any Body Got One

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Guest, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Hi iam a newbie bought myself a 90' zxr250-a and loving it :D .
    Just wanted to know if any of you guys/girls would know where i can pick up a workshop manual, Since its an import no one i have talked to has 1 or knows where to get one, Surely someone has one :D PLEASSSSSE.

  2. hey dude,
    think i seen you post this question on another forum somewhere. I just did a bit of search before (2 minutes) but didn't come up with one.

    how much did you pay for your zxr? what condition etc,

    where abouts are you?
  3. i got a '2000 something manual

    but i think they are all the same
  4. Hi not_sane,

    I did post the same question a few days ago on another forum cant remember what one, must have been asleep when i did it lol. paid $3800 fairly good condition needs a bit of TLC on the body few scratches small ding on tank, just under 24,000 klm due for its service. prob paid to much for it but was looking around for 4 months for a cheapish zxr and came up with nothing so i bought this, Iam happy with it, this is the first bike ive ridden in 11 years, 1st road bike :D and loving it, And iam in wagga wagga.
  5. 56mb from where cosi..? :?
  6. i dunno i cant remember

    just seached zxr250 manual on google and found one

    had to download it over a few days :D
  7. mcswaff i found a couple round brisbane in the trading post (paper one you buy) that were 2 - 2.5 they had a lot of k's on em tho. but if you got genuine 24000 k's then you didn't really pay too much extra. these had like 50 000 on em.
  8. Well thats a bit of a relief least i didnt get ripped off LOL thanks not_sane, and ill google it again see if i can find your d/l site thanks cosi
  9. ok no never mind that link has failed, maybe reached his bandwidth limit not sure but oh well, ill keep looking
  10. Did you read my post at the top, (on a side note yaaaay i got a sticky, i am so great i am so great g.r.a.t.e i am so great)

    it has a link in there to one

    Goes something along the lines of....

    ZXR250 (1997)
    i cant be bothered getting the whole link :p
  11. I host some manual's here..

    I'm pretty sure there is a ZX2R one there.

    u: manuals
    p: manuals1