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zxr gearsack

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by zxr arron, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. hi all i have a problem. the problem is that i cant get a bike rack and bag 4 my bike. i own a zxr250 2000 model and everyone i have talked to said they cant get a rack to fit. can anyone help or got any ideas thanks

  2. Ventura racks, surely they do one for yours, don't they?
  3. ummmm
    from memory Kwaka never made such a thing
    they have a ZX2r and a ZZR250 (which would be familiar to a few here)
    could u pls check :D
  4. yeah its a zx2r but ive seen it written as zxr250 aswell but yeah its the little ninja. its the new shape though not the older 88 or 90 model or whatever year they are its a newer 2000
  5. hey thanks all turned out ventura do make one so the fella in the bike shop just lost a sale lol so yeah i will get one of those.
    a good $350 investement i think
    thanks all
  6. What about a Seat Bag? I had a Gearsack rack on my CBR1000. But as it only got used on trips away, and looked butt ugly the rest of the time, I spent about $120 on a Gearsack Seat Bag. It has hooks and comes with short ocky straps that then hook around whatever convenient protuberance your bike has.

    There are two sizes. I have the larger one, which is similar in capacity to a normal Gearsack.
  7. I have a RJays rear seat bag took all my stuff to Sydney & back never moved once comes with a w/proof cover & cost $90 at bikemart with netrider disc!
  8. i will look ino that thanks but i have already ordered. it comes with 3 rail sises so when i dont want the big bike rack just put on the grab rail one its real small.