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ZXR Fuel Tap Question.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Froggz, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all new to the forums and biking world. I just bought a zxr250 and was wondering which location should i leave the fuel tap in while it is sitting overnight.
    On Prime or Reserve.
    I was told not to leave it in prime, But in my searches i havent been able to get an answer for either res or on.

    And any other tips for keeping the bike in tip top shape :D
  2. Welcome to NR :).

    Leave it in the on position unless it specifically has an OFF ;).
    The fuel tap is most likely vacuum operated so it wont run fuel into the carbs unless you put it on prime.
    Ride with it in On, and when you start to run out of fuel, switch it to reserve and you are good for another ~30km so better fill up and put it back on On!

    For clarification however, DONT leave the bike sitting with the tap on prime - its designed to bypass the vacuum valve in the tap and make the fuel gravity feed into the carburettor = bad unless you ran the bike right out of fuel and need to PRIME the system again ;).
  3. Awesome, thanks Heaps for the help. Will it matter too much if i ride with prime on just in case i ever forget?
  4. if it bypasses the vacuum operation, you may find yourself with an overfuelling problem
  5. Don't forget. You only choose prime to start the bike if it's run out of fuel and need to refill the carby bowls. Once it starts you switch back to either normal or reserve as appropriate.

    On a tap which has a prime when the tap is on On (normal) or reserve, fuel won't flow unless the engine is running, so it's OK to leave on either of these when stopped.
  6. Awesome Thanks heaps for the help everyone :)