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ZXR/Balius... Parts and knobs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bilgola_boy, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Hey there folks. As the subject implies, I am wondering if the Kawaski Balius 250 I'm planning on buying has any sort of compatability with the ZXR250? The reason I'm asking is that after doing some homework, it seems that Balius parts are rarer than a un-burnt ginger kid in the middle of summer. I understand that the Balius has a de-tuned ZXR engine, which propted me to find out if anyone has actually used ANY components or running gear from the ZXR in a Balius. I ask this also to find out what kind of problems I might encounter with said bike ('95 model, 41k kms), bearing in mind it seems to have been maintained fairly well. [-o<

    For the love of god, does anyone have a Balius manual, and perhaps most importantly, know of any way to attach (any knind of) Oggys? Can't seem to find much info on this bike, so some help- or a Japanese person- would be of great help :grin: . Got a chronic itch to ride, need a bike but don't want a lemon; it will only make me sour :applause:

    Any advice beats no advice, so please, help a n00b.
    Thanks all, Alex.

  2. Maybe try calling some Kawasaki dealers and asking for part xyz and see if they have it or can get it in for you. I've also had some good luck with finding 2nd hand parts from wreckers.

    Good Luck and hope you get on 2 wheels soon.
  3. The Balius (ZR250) was actually sold here officially between '97 and 2000, so assuming the earlier model was the same you should be able to source parts through any Kwaka dealer. Quite likely that most of the parts are common to the ZXR, can't imagine a Japanese company would bother using too many unique parts on a 250.
  4. what parts are you after mate? maybe i can help you out.
  5. balius is an ok bike only general fault iv heard of is the mirror glass can fall out but the mirrors it uses is universal with other models so no big deal to source one at the wrecker.

    Also i believe the balius uses shims to adjust the valves so make sure their isn't heaps of valve train noise, especially when cold, as it is a high kms example.
  6. Cheers all. GForce, I'm after the clutch cable, a new set of indicators for the front, Oggy knobs if they're avalible and I'll probably find a few more things when I get it properly checked. And to aviper4u, what are these shims you speak of? And how do I differ valve train noise from transmission noise? I'm starting to get excited, I could have a new bike by Wednesday!! But now I'm also worrying...
    Thanks again everyone!
  7. valve train noise refers to the noise made by the head of the motor ie camshafts, valves, tappets etc.

    if you are unsure how to check these budget them in your offer eg, say you know how to change oil, filters, sparks check chain, sprockets and tyres but are clueless about valves accounts for a mechanics cost to check them.

    good luck