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ZXR-250C - Rev limited?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mcbigg, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if the zxr250c has any kind of limiter at the red line.

    I've been a little too enthusiastic a couple of times and over reved my beast. The motor loses power and stutters a little and then comes good again.

    I'm just wondering whether its an electronic ignition cutout or if its the valves bouncing or something as damaging.

    Any ideas?
  2. zxr

    I use to occasionally get it up to the red line and the bike had no ill effects other than destroying near by ear drums.
  3. Its a rev limiter and it could sit on it all day with no ill effects. Tough as nails those little things. Dont be afradi about hitting it...I hit the one on my 900rr all the time :D
  4. Seconded - it's got a limiter.

    I think I've only hit it once or twice so far.
  5. Thanks for the replies, all!

    I kind of thought that i must have had a limiter of some kind. I've over reved a couple of times, and its the only thing that i can think of that would cut the revs like that and not be cutting them perminantly.

    So far, the power has always come back on after a second of stuttering and a moment of 'oh crap what have i done!' from me.
  6. I remember riding my CBR250RR at a L and P plate ride day at Amaroo Park some years ago (96 i think). Coming out of the double (or triple??) apex right hander after the straight i shifted a bit badly and dropped a gear. The engine screamed and spun out to about 21000rpm and then died. I thought i blew it up!! However after i coasted to a stop i hit the starter button once and she fired up straight away! I breathed a sigh of relief because i loved that little bike and was on fire that day!! (Anybody remember going and seeing a black with silver/pink decal CBR there??) Gotta love those little 250's and their rev limiters!

    I loved my babyblade and its awesome little motor. It would happily scream up to 18000rpm all day everyday. Never had a problem with it until some old lady pulled out in front of me and invited me to hit the side of her car at 70km/h or thereabouts!! Thanks, ...... biatch!!!! :evil:
  7. lol..
    poor baby...

    i havnt reved out my zxr yet.. rrarely rev higher than 6-8..
  8. You....you don't get higher than 6-8???

    The good stuff doesn't begin before 10 grand.

  9. Dude, they are MADE to rev!!!!
    In fact some engineers spent alot of time designing that little engine to spin very fast!!
    It's probably worse to under rev it than anything IMO.
  10. I agree with ROY G.

    Cosi, have you ever taken it to 17-18 grand?

    Look on the tacho, if its the same as mine there should be a little outlined box area between 16 and 19 grand, before the redline. This is where the most power is.

    For straight line acceleration, if you shift up at the top of the box (ie, redline), the next gear falls nicely right at the start of the box - meaning its right in the meaty part of the power curve ready to give its fullest to the game rider.

    This weekend, go find a nice straight bit of road and practise accelerating in a straight line, taking it higher in the rev range each time. Hang on tight. Sure it scares the crap out of you the first few times, but your body will get used to it! Then you can enjoy it, or even yearn for more power as i now do.

    Of course if you know all this and just prefer to ride sedately, then ignore all of the above. And go buy an Across.

  11. i have on few occasions to 17-18

    i rev high at lights.. 12-15

    but only to 2nd or 3rd gear.. by that time im already speeding and with 1 point left itsnot worth it.

    i cant ride this weekend i broke my wrist:L
  12. I live in country SA, so i guess i get a lot more 110kmh roads to play with than you city folk.

    Sorry to hear bout the wrist. Hope you're back and practising your high reving escape from the lights at warp speed, asap.
  13. I think most bikes are capable of sitting in the red zone as long as they are well serviced and in good condition, I wouldnt worry about it.
  14. My Zx2 just sits a little bit above 20k, I was nailing gears through the gorge one weekend and got to the top of third and she stopped accelerating, took a glance at the tacho and it was sitting deep in the red...

    the engine didnt stall or cough of fart or anything, perhaps I was just below the limiter, who knows
  15. Cut out is at 20,500 revs if i remember correctly.
  16. I was wondering if most bikes have these rev limiters?? I guess its a pretty good safety feature to have (as far as engine wear and tear is concerned). I have taken my little 250 suzuki bandit up to 12-13k and it sure scared to poop out of me! The bike redlines at 14.5k I think.

    Sooooo, if the bike is in good nic and has been serviced ect, it won't screw the engine if it is taken up to or close to redline every now and then? Once I get used to my bike I would love to be able to gear shift at those high revs without a fear of blowing my bike up!

  17. At the factory, they would run test engines at redline for hours at a time before they blow.

    Sooooo, if the bike is in good nic and serviced etc, as long as you only brush the redline, and don't keep it there for more than a moment, than no, you shouldn't do too much damage.

    One way to find out about that rev limiter...

    Wring its neck in second (or third) and don't change up. If you get to 15,000, back off. If the redines at 14500, then the factory would factor in a 1000rpm safety buffer for careless errors when they built it.

    Let us know how you go when you try it. If you dare...
  18. I used to have a 1992 Bandit 250, and it was revlimited around the 15-15.5k mark if I remember correctly. It didn't want to rev much more near this figure anyways, so even if it wasn't limited there is no way much damage could be done.
  19. Japanese motors are traditionally unburstable, so, provided the engine itself is in good shape, ocassional runs up to and slightly beyond the redline should be no problem at all.

    Mind you, quite why you would WANT to apart from being able to say that you HAVE, is another matter.