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ZXR-250 vs 250r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nazza, Sep 2, 2014.

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    my first bike, i can ride offroad and adapt to power fairly fast, what is a better bike to get in terms of reliability, parts ect, ninja 250 4th gen new models (08-12) or an old zxr250.
    this is the bike im considering. its in mint condition under 15k has a tyga kit ect. do not take price into consideration just other factors such as reliability, quality ect thanks

    add that link to the end of bikesales website extention

  2. Can't get the links to work so I'm responding in general.

    The EX250/Ninja 250 has been around forever and has been sold here officially, so parts are easy to get. Less highly strung than the ZXR too, so shouldn't give you as much trouble (especially since Japanese-built ZXR's are starting to get long in the tooth, although the Malaysian builds will be a bit younger).

    That said, the ZXR has higher-spec everything and is a much sportier ride. It's a grey import so not as easy to get parts, but not impossible since quite a few of them were imported. Hardest part will be finding a good one, considering their age and the likelihood that they've been thrashed.
  3. OK....15K kmwill be bullshit - these bikes are old as fcuk and many have had their numbers played with.

    i own one....it shits all over my previous gpx n zzr 250s

    reliable ? probably not....once things start fcuking up on them they can become expensive to repair if you dont know what your doing

    that being said apart from a faulty fan switch i havn't had a problem with mine for the couple of years i've owned it now....and i treat it like absolute shit.

    if i was given a 250r ? i'd insure it then crash it so i could go buy a zxr250.

    but dont take my word as gospel - i have a preference for old bikes ....i dont care if its a risk of it breaking down id rather enjoy my ride than get one just because it was the smarter decision
  4. Mint condition because of the new chinese fairings and the newish speedo more like it
  5. In short what type of riding do you want to do?, both can do it all fine.. maybe a little less so when you take it off the sealed roads compared to an Adventurer and runts.

    As above, in terms of bike(ZXR).. even if it was rewound there quite nice, people start having issues with them when they change something in the normal combo of the Airfilter, Jetting or Exhaust. Then when you go back to stock spec on those items it runs fine again, as it is a balanced engine change 1 point and it has a flow on effect, eg. Rich/Lean, no power over 10k etc.

    For the other Ninja.. the twin.. no suspension adjustment, but more up right seating position, less fuel bills, better engine braking, more open to engine mods, but still less power.
  6. pcqbr6v
    ok i got a copy of the link, this bike looks MINT
    NOTE: the above code is tinyurl to bikesales website just add the code to end of tinyurl website (had to improvise)
    its like the perfect bike came from heaven and waiting on a response from me, but my options are newish 2012 red kawasaki ninja under 10k km or this bike 15k km but beast mode bike. ill have to fly down from sydney to melb to pickup the bike and ride interstate back home. i really need an opinion from an experienced rider. this bike is a pure gamble on my behalf
  7. I know how you feel, I bought my Hyper 'sight unseen' from Melbourne and had it shipped up. Since it was interstate, I also had to worry about getting a blue slip for registration (getting it passed with the race-only exhaust was my biggest concern).

    I couldn't tell you how nervous I was waiting to take delivery, how glad I was that it was in as good condition as the dealer claimed (apart from a dodgy fuel level sensor) and how happy I was to get it passed and registered.

    Mind you, this was with a 6yo officially-imported bike with 4000km on the clock. You're looking at a grey import with more years and more miles (possibly more than the odo will admit). Have a think about this before you make the leap.
  8. Buy the local bike. Even if it wasnt a grey impoort zx2 i wuld recommend that.

    Buying interstate is a big risk and its your first bike.
  9. hmmm it seems that the majority lean towards the ninja 250r as my first bike ill go with that then, zx2 seems to be more trouble than its worth. thanks alot guys
  10. Yes and No.. each have pros and cons.. Your first bike does not need to be in pristine condition, as you are learning and stuff happens, that said.. you do not need to start on a 250 either.

    Phillip Island last week, view from the rear of a ZXR vs some newer Ninjas at :hilarious: sounded much nicer in person then what the mic picked up.