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ZXR 250 service dilemma

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Death_logic, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Hello!I have zxr 250 1994 model its totally stock standard, and it just has hit 30000 klicks. I reallly need to know what is there i need to service, my guess is i need to change oil, oil filter, spark plugs, spark plug leads, coolant, But i dont know how many litres of oil should i use, and thickness of it?What sort of coolant i should use?Also do i have to sevice or lube any other parts of the bike? IF so please tell me which ones and what lube to use.

    P.S. the carbs have been redone not long ago.

    Plus just 2day i have discovered that my exhaust has rusted through inside so i need to change it,since i am sucha noob i dont really know any good wreckers around Sydney.Does any 1 know any good ones with fair price and parts.Thank you.

  2. The chain should be cleaned and lubed pretty regularly. You can also lube cables and levers.

    Try doing a search in the Maintenance section using 'service' as your keyword.
  3. It wouldn't hurt to change all that you've mentioned (except plug leads, no need to and probably expensive). The weight and volume of oil is normally cast into the crankcase just near to the oil fill plug on most bikes, check to see whether yours has it.

    Any old coolant will do, follow the directions on the back of the bottle when it comes to diluting it. Once you've dumped the old coolant, it doesn't hurt to run more water through the sytsem to remove any crud.

    Try Victorian motorcycle wreckers (.com.au) for parts.

    Most manual info can be found here (not 56k friendly):