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ZXR 250 Cutting out?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by IamDAN, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Hello people, I bought myself a 91zxr250 a week or so ago and it ran great on the test rides. The problem im having is that ill be cruising along at 100kph and the engine feels as though she running out of fuel. It will lose all power but continues to run untill i pull over (does that make sense?) I can hear the engine but there is nothing there.
    Because im new to the bike and riding for that matter im unsure on any problems these models may have had. After extensive searching ive read that the petcocks do play up and may need looking at, can anyone think of anything else to look for. Im pretty good on the tools so im not scared to have a go myself.

  2. Try this simple test. Pop the fuel cap open and see if it makes any difference. You could have a vacuum issue in the tank.
  3. Yeah ive just been reading on this exact thing.. I have to also say that it usually doesnt happen till the bikes warm. (I think, like i say havnt had it long) What are the zxr's electricals like? are they known for problems.. Im leaning towards a fuelling problem but not ruling out electrical.

    Oh and if it is a venting problem is it just a hose or is there more involved?
  4. your fuel line is blocked mate. I had this problem too but it was only because i got it serviced. The service idiot squashed one of the fuel line while putting the air box back. It was only letting roughing 50% of fuel and when i was on the hw, the bike would struggle and slowly start to stall.
    Take off your LH fairing and find the fuel line. follow it and make sure its not tangled or crushed by anything. look carefully mate and that should solve it.
  5. Ahhhh i think ive found the problem.. There are two t-piece's that supply a vacuum signal to the carbi's from the vacuum modulator. one of those is broken and who ever owned it before me has attempted to dodgy it up but it appears to have failed :( ..
    Now after reading through the workshop manual it vaguely states that you must remove the carbi clamps?? can anyone tell me if they are the allen head bolts?? ive tried to look with a torch but its hard to see and i dont have a mirror handy.. (i will get one today or tomorrow) will removing all the fairings expose more?? ive got the tank and left rear one off.
  6. ok after removing all the fairings i could see heaps more and managed to get tot the clamps no worries.. Now here is another vague chapter of the workshop manual, accel cable removal. Where is the best place to remove it, at the lever end or carbi end? If it is the carbie end is it just that one screw or is there a bit or a procedure?? Same with the choke is it the lever end or the little c-clip at the carbi??
    HELP please anyone??
  7. What are you trying to do?

    You can surely repair the vacuum line without removing the carbs...


    Trevor G
  8. Unfortunatly no i cant.. There is a t-piece in-between pairs of carbis'(carbi-t-carbi,carbi-t-carbi) the end of one of the t-pieces was broken. Anyways got the carbi assembly off and is in being serviced (i havnt played with carbi's for years, damn efi :) )
    Anyways is there anything to look out for in re-assembly?