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ZXR 250 '89 spark plug location, where is it?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by GreenNinja, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. Hi guyz and girls.

    i wanted to know where the spark plug location for the ZXR250 was, it would be great if someone could tell me EXACTLY where it is because they have the same bike.

    If not can some one just give me an general idea where it is and how many are there?

  2. There's 4 of them. (It's an inline 4)
    They're located pretty much a little ahead of but underneath the airbox, which is under the fuel tank. Follow the spark leads once you've removed the aformentioned parts, then pull the rubber boots that are going into the engine out and then you'll find your spark plugs. :grin:

    I must say that if your having trouble locating the spark plugs then this probably isnt the sort of thing you should be doing yourself. I know everyone says 'oh it's only a spark plug change' but there's a fair bit you can stuff up and it's quite expensive to fix.
  3. thank u for ur info.

    its not dat i cant find it its my first time bhanging it and to be honest i've never even taken off the fuel tank b4.

    i've changed spark plugs on a car mant times b4

  4. You don't really need to take off the fuel tank for that IMHO. more like having to move the radiator, that's what I had to do when I had to change my 'plugs.

    The way they had it angled, you'd need to come in through the Radiator, expecially for the ones on the inside....

    Good luck.
  5. when i changed my filter today i saw where the plugs were and yeah u most difinately have to take off the radiator and fan but it still seems like its a sqeeze to get to the plugz.

    cuz i mite just go to a bike shop and pay for em...... than again i reckon i can do it myself. it mite b at abit hard when i change the sparkies the first time myself, but after a couple of times it sud be sweet.

    "grunge" is ur bike EXACTLY same as mine? a ZXR250 89?

    PLUS sumone is helping me too dat knows more about bikes den me.
  6. GreenNinja, It's not too hard if you have the right tools.. You know what sparkies to get?

    I did it myself and it took me about 2 - 3 hours (that's because that's my first time and also taking the opportunity to clean up the radiator...)

    When I did mine, I have to take out the whole radiator to get to the spark plugs.. Dismount it completely, drain the old fluid and also give it a good wash.. I couldn't get to the sparkies if I don't take the radiator out...

    However, Grunge managed to do his without taking the whole radiator out, not sure how he could do that... but he did it. very impressive.

    Grunge has got the same model as yours.. and mine is 93.

    Hope this help...
  7. Nope i don't know wat sparkies to get, i'll just ask the stores when i buy it. knowing i dont have to take off the fuel tank is great.

    and i was planning to change the coolant aswell, so i'll take out the raditor

    cheers cash
  8. i find it also hard to reach so what i do is when i go and get my carbs tuned, i tell them to put new plugs in for me and they dont charge extra which is great.
  9. "Gforce" dat sounds like a great idea, i need my carbies tuned too. I'll call up a couple places and ask em how much they charge for carby tunes, i'm a bit short on cash but.

    what spark plugs should i use regular, igranium or platinum? i fink i'll get the normal one's (broke)
  10. yo,

    the sparkies you want are NGK CR9E or ND U27E.
    I got the NGK 9E.

    I managed to get to the plugs by unscrewing the radiator and letting it lean forward (into the front fork area.) I actually can't remmeber if I just loosened the top screws, but I know I had to remove the bottom radiator screws. It was easy as long as you look at where you're going and think ahead a little, I kept looking at the radiator to make sure I wasn't going to shake it off or anything.
    It took me less than 1 hour to change the plugs.
    Of course, I was also replacing my brake and radiator fluid as well that day.

    Hope this helps.
  11. thx mate,

    the sparkies i got were the cr9e.

    sud i worry about the GAP of the spark plugz? does any one know wat its supposta b?

    or i can just look at my old spark plugs (dats if they were adjusted in the first place).
  12. Don't worry abotu the gap. The cr9e's are pre-gapped.
    Actually most new plugs are pre-gapped. :)

    So just worry about putting it in. :p
  13. lol
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