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ZX9R vs ZX6R vs CBR600 [edit] vs vfr750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TOMatoPASTE, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. KAWASAKI ZX-9R (98-02)

  2. KAWASAKI ZX-6R (96-02)

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  3. HONDA CBR600F/F3/F4I...etc (96-02)

  1. Hi again :) this is a continuation of my thread discussing the ZX9R and the ZX7R (https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=63937). You guys have thoroughly convinced me of the merits of the nine over the seven as a road bike but that now wipes out the smaller bike leaving the door wide open for a couple 600's to stack themselves up against the nine.
    Just for the record, the bikes being considered here would all be from the model years ~96-02. If a solid choice can be had for less money on an older model with reasonable kays then there is no issue with me, hence the wide year range.
    The description used for the last comparison was as follows:
    "The bike is to be used for mostly commuting and some two up riding. Longer ride days up around the hills is for sure on the cards but nothing on track. So, extrapolating from that list, key attributes would have to be ease of riding (commuting), comfort, running costs (if there is a significant difference), fun, passenger comfort."
    Iv spent some time on an R1 around town and (not surprisingly) found it got bloody hot and started shouting at me whenever i forced it to travel much less than 60 (tall first gear would be an understatement). The bike obviously wasnt designed as an easy cruiser around town despite the comfy seat (and yes im aware that all of these bikes were essentially designed as track tools in their heyday). ZX9R seems to have a rep for being rather friendly around town. Anyway, ill stop crapping on and let you guys voice your opinions. Apologies for the hefty chunk of text.

  2. p.s. I'll definitely be chucking up a bunch of pics when I land one of these rides. My thankyou to you in helping me choose :wink:
  3. I think your making a mistake by choosing a bike solely on the basis of what some key board warrior tells you.

    Go test ride all the bikes that float your boat and see what gets your rocks off...
  4. Shuttup, R1-lover.
  5. fair call and i very much intend on doing so but i value having the general views on what to expect before i put myself on the spot and decide
  6. I picked one ;)
    robsalvv loves them, Loz has a love-hate with his (mostly positive, for what it is, from memory)
  7. Don't throw around disgusting insults like that. I am the complete rider on my CBRRRRRRR RR.
  8. zx9r...

    one word......grunt

    had mine for the last 6 yrs...no reason to trade it yet.
  9. Either the 9R or the F4i. I'd probably go the 9R if it was 98 onwards, they're beaut. Kwackers do run hotter in traffic than Hondas though, as a rule.
  10. Of those options, I'll go with the F4i.

    purely because of the efi
    Its not a big deal, but that's my preference.

    most other manufacturer's efi bikes are 03 and later
  11. thanks for the replies guys! seems like my choice is narrowing down to deciding between the 9 and the cbr. cant really be bothere comparing too many different bikes. obviously this will come out in testing but i do wonder how suitable the power will be for road riding. at the moment the commute is done on a zxr250 and to move at any pace each gear is held to a minimum of 10K rpm (not that much for that bike haha) and it just feels too frantic. love the agility and teh bike in general but im just tired of 'racing' to wherever i go. pillion power is obviously a struggle too.

    i have one concern with each bike: that the cbr600 will still be too revvy for the commute (too similar to the zxr) and rubbish with a pillion and that the 9r will just be too powerfull to do either on the road without feeling like the bike is complaining about being chained down.....

    these things i trust to you people that actually live with these bikes as opposed to my few minutes test riding them unless one option stands out like dogs balls
  12. KAWASAKI ZX-9R (98-02)
    my reason for the zx-9r, you dont want to be revving your ass off on a 6r all day so with more torque i am assuming you would want that for commuting and touring. Since you wont be going to the race track i dont think you need a really buzzy engine like the 6 is. Just overall the 6 would be a great bike but for slower speeds (state me if im wrong) a larger enigne would be better for torque.
    unless it is fully race preped up.
    but go testride to see whats suits you.
    also if your after looks then that ends up being your choice, also same for road status to say 'hey i has a 900cc + bike'.
    great bikes though
    best of luck
  13. From what I have heard, if you want a jack of all trades the ZX-9 is the one as it is so versatile. Although I haven't heard anyone taking it to a motocross track but it can do everything else!
  14. hmmm i cant wait to try these out!!! :grin:

    and me being the retard i am i forgot to add into this mix what is probably the quintessential road (do everything) bike.... the old vfr750's. I was overlooking them due to the prices of the 800's and forgot that the 750's were around first haha. guess these are in the mix now too.
  15. Bullshit :)

    Give me a 250 to get to the city and back any day!

    OP, if you'll be doing alot of outer city riding, I'd go the 9r - especially if pillioning.

    If not, a 600 would be better suited.
  16. Big call :shock:
    I find even mine is effortless, and Ive been silly enough to ride the length of george st etc. on several occassions.

    I subscribe to "there is no replacement for displacement".
  17. Have you ever ridden any of these bikes? 600s are fine, they're often lighter than the litre bikes and usually geared significantly lower.
  18. quick question about the zx9's. looking at the 98-01 models as they were the ones with the solid pillion grab handles. was the only real change between these models the styling or was something more significant done? are the ergonomics the same or do they have a different feel. underseat storage space?

    the overwhelming flood of support for the 9r coupled with the strong support for its merits as a flexible engine and pillion comfort 'sports tourer' dare i say the words + a huge emotional bias for kawasaki are pointing me clearly in one direction. i'm starting to get that feeling where i know there is only one choice where i wont be left thinking back and wondering what if.............ohwell atleast i have some time to mull this over before i can go for it (gotta move the zxr first :( that will be a sad day!)

    robsalvv looks like i might be joining you in your crazy obsession (from what i can gather :cool: haha)

    p.s. in a funny coincidence i do believe atleast 3 of the bikes in this thread are in the netrider pic on the top right corner of the page haha
  19. how about you keep an eye out for all types, just increases your chances of scoring an absolute bargain!!. i never saw myself on a zx10. but i got a deal i couldn't turn down
  20. the cbr600f4i, if you can get your hands on one in good condition. very versatile, very comfortable, and will cruise as willingly as it will take to the twisties.

    the motor is more grunty than the modern 600cc I4's, and in my opinion would be about the best bike for what you're after.

    but what would i know, i occasionally commute on an R1 with under-seat exhausts, and a 160km/h first gear! :LOL: