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ZX9R vs YZF1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. ding ding... FiGHT!

  2. Assuming you mean 1996-1998 era. YZF1000, no contest at all, unless you're looking for a dragstrip bike. Handling issues on the ZX9R of that era.

    Check out how many magazine test riders crashed the ZX9R in that era ALL AROUND THE WORLD.
  3. yeah, that'd be it, although there's a k1 ZX9 I also have my eye on
  4. Fast bikes UK mag did a used bike comparison on the ZX9R and said don't bother
  5. ZX9's even as late as 01-02 can be had <$10K
    They are a good tourer, and do go quick at the top end, also a reliable design. Their downside is old tech, poor heavy handling and shit re-sale $$

    Compared to the thunderace, they will be easier to get parts both new and used, and there are probably more accessories available, but the Ace is in my opinion a better ride.
  6. Thanx all. The one Thunderace that was within my reach pricewise is rapidly receding on eBay, so it might be a ZX9 or back to looking at Thundercats... which in many ways are probably the most sensible choice in my situation anyway...
  7. Hmm I read up a bit of stuff before I bought the 9R I'm riding at the moment. The 97 model beat the fireblade in a couple tests I read, but they were all going on about how comfortable it was for a sportsbike.

    I've never ridden a YZF1000 but I can offer my opinions on my 97 9R:

    Strong, grunty motor. Bit peaky but this just makes it feel faster.
    Very good fuelling in the twisties, no driveline snatch to take your concentration off the road. Mine has gunked up carbs though, so it can hunt a bit around town at very low revs.
    Good front end feel - it's a heavy bike and this gives it a very planted, muscular feel through the twisties if you're prepared to put some welly into it.
    Great comfort, I can ride for ages without wanting to stretch my legs. I'm led to believe it's not a bad pillion seat either.
    Good braking and suspension - I need new pads, but the bike stoppies up great under heavy braking, I've never had a front end slide from it, which I suspect is due to the quality forks.
    Mental amounts of suspension adjustment. 20-way compression on the shock, full rebound, compression and preload at both ends.
    Good fuel range - I've had as much as 400km while cruising, although a day going up and down the spur cost me a reserve switch at 175km... :shock:
    Flip-in mirrors; these are the best invention ever, you can lane split 30kmh faster and your mirrors just snap back into place when you get to the front.
    Nice big underseat storage area - whatever happened to those?
    It's got a fuel gauge.
    I find the gearbox absolutely fantastic, it's smooth and clean and positive. I'm told they shit themselves a bit, but mine is brilliant, better than a Honda.

    Heavy and bulky - they fixed this up with the 98 onwards models losing 20-30kg but mine is definately a big butch manbike. This affects real slow handling, so you definately gain some skills using it for a carpark session etc. It also needs to be muscled through the bends at speed, which I actually quite enjoy.
    Weird indicators that need warming up - you hit the switch and they don't come on for a second and a half unless the capacitors are warmed up. Odd.
    Hard to work on, but then so are all faired bikes without centrestands.
    General sense of old technology; the speedo reads off the front wheel, the carbs have a very analogue feel if you're used to injection, the bike heats up quite a bit (but it's happy at temperature) etc etc.

    I'm slowly beginning to 'get' my 9R, fat old pig that it is, and it's not slowing me down much in the twisties. It has a few issues (clutch, sticky cables, brake pads etc) that I need to sort out but I think it's a reasonable bike.

    As for the mag tester crashes, I believe most of them put that down to the shocking stock tyres they came with.

    Normal advice applies, ride 'em both and pick from there. Original design may well prove to be less of an issue than how they've been maintained.
  8. :WStupid:
  9. Good call, thanks for that, Loz. The pluses you've listed are the ones that are important to me, actually - touring type comfort and fuel range, but sporty enough to be fun. I'm no 10/10ths twisties kamikaze, but the fully touring oriented bikes leave me pretty cold. There seem to be decent 9Rs around for the money...

    Will keep looking, and as has been said here a couple of times, consider the individual bike by riding it and checking it over, rather than make assumptions based on reviews here or elsewhere. I guess what I'm doing here is more looking for "^&%&#% NO, DON'T BUY ONE OF THOSE WHATEVER YOU DO, THEY'LL EXPLODE AND BLOW YA NUTS OFF AT 30,000!!!" responses. After that it's down to looking at particular individual bikes.
  10. owww.... if you hear about any bike that does that... please let me know as well. :eek:hno:
  11. Keep the posts coming Bravus.

    Your search for a bike has been better than any soapie!!
  12. Thanx dude - I'm getting self-conscious about it, so it's great to find out that at least someone finds it entertaining rather than massively annoying. ;)

    Unless you were being ironic... :eek:hno:
  13. Deadly serious. Actually been pretty helpful for a newbie like myself.

    Irony is only what is used to get creases out of my shirty.
  14. if you are selling a 01-02 ZX9 and getting 10K then you are doing very well and your resale comment isnt too valid

    but fact is you can get late zx9's at decent prices well below 10K

    the money you save you spend a little on getting the suspension serviced and set for yourself and you cant go wrong , in fact any bike can benefit from suspension service and setup

    serviced they are a strong motor and can last a lifetime
    and are happy with pillions and/or long distances
  15. Take a look at CBR1100XX blackbirds, plenty on the used front, and arguably the best sports tourer around. Proven reliability and honda build quality.
  16. and apart from the extra grunt

    you gain the extra weight and of course bland honda
  17. I've been enjoying it as well,

    The bikes you have been asking about have all been on my lists at various times,

    keep the questions coming!