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ZX9R, it begged me to buy it.. New Pics Added !!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Blue14, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Yes i am too impulsive.. Anyway was scanning bike sales today as i often do. Came across this and thought hmmm, my garage had become somewhat empty of late.. As it was only in the next suburb, thought i will go check it out.. Anyway took it for a blat, checked it out, and the rest is history i guess.. I am now a ZX14 and ZX9R owner.. :twisted: Its a 96 model and is in awesome condition, and rides like a gem.. :grin:



  2. I guess you'll need to buy a whole new set of red gear, and a new red helmet :LOL:

    Nice bike Paully :grin:
  3. Hmmm, i will maybe get a new helmet..

    Never thought of that you know. I found it late this arvo, just after i sent you the message i was on bike sales.. I saw it and thought that looks alright, might get myself motivated and go check it out..
  4. looks hot. now give it to me.

    Be on the lookout for a thread troller that goes by the nickname "red9".

    Nice bike paulie.

    c%nt! :grin:
  6. Gee thanks Scott.. I think :? :p
  7. ITs not fair!! You get to go out and buy a second bike, but I have to go and get a c,c,ccc,cccccc CAR! :twisted: :LOL:

    She looks real clean dude! Nice one!
  8. So the second bike theory is off the shopping list is it ? And yes its real clean and rides real well..
  9. Yup. You know my situation with the law at the moment. Gotta do the responsible thing and try and keep this last license point. Another bike aint gonna help me do that.

    So by having the second bike, does that mean your gonna come out riding more often now? MAybe even take to philip island for a track day??
  10. No, you can't do this to me, my husband is impressed with the bling on the 14, and wants more for the Bird, and now he'll think he can get a little toy, just like you!! :LOL:

    Actually he's got it real good at the moment, doing test rides, his pick of the bikes for each run, so he can play, just not bring them home!

    Nice bike, Blue!
  11. We will have to hide it from him.. :LOL:
  12. Well, he did test ride a ZX6 today, I saw it last week, and thought it was a pretty colour, so he took it for a spin while he was the Test Ride Guy. Said it was really nice, and he should buy it to play with. We already have 2 bikes in the garage, well, 3 if you count the pocket bike...

    I need to win the lotto and get a bigger garage! :LOL:
  13. A fine choice sir, the B model niners are the Solway sportsbike, perfect for the fuller figured gentleman... ;) :grin:
  14. Don't be ridiculous, it just measn the vacant garage space left by the sale of the Buolevard has now been filled :D Paul doesn't actually RIDE the bikes, he just washes them when they get dusty...
  15. Thats a nice way of putting it Loz.. :LOL:
  16. Mick the more vehicles i have to polish, the better i feel.. So do you actually ride them as well.. :LOL:
  17. You can fit it in the garage cant you ?? :p
  18. Hey Paul

    you want more bikes to polish??
    can we bring the stroms over??


    congrats on your new ride

  19. Sweet bike mate, now all you need is another twin to complete the set. Firestorm?? :LOL:
  20. Blue Blue Blue! Welcome to the club. :)

    I've noticed a few folk of impeccable tastes joining the 9 brigade lately... :cool: