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ZX9A6's new baby has arrived !!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Kitt, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. After a gruelling 4 week labour the BIGV finally arrived at 4.49pm on 9-4-10 , weighing in @ approx 320 kgs , dad is over the moon with excitement and is just so admiring of his new girl ... mum as always is exhausted ..

    2010 Yamaha VMAX ...

    a few more pics here



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  2. oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh niiiice, love them things, welcome to the yamaha family :D

    and congrats on your new purchase
  3. that looks awesome, shall we see it on tuesday?
  4. awesome bike. so much dam power and torque haha

    would be a handful if you were getting up it and I can't imagine traction would exist much if you pinned it off the line haha

    Love the styling on these bikes too, very muscle.
  5. Will be coming out to play on Tuesday.....thanks for your comments guys.

    Have another photo after adding some bling :-

    Cheers Bruce

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  6. Mate, that is one ANGRY MO-FO -looking bike...LOVE IT ! And yes indeed : Welcome to the Yamaha family.
  7. Now with new mufflers :) and an awesome sound :p

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  8. DAMN Bruce, I will have to check it out in real life! Congrats guys :)
  9. Wow! V-Max the legendary muscle bike, congratulations.
  10. You're going to take a 200 horsepower V-MAX out on the learner ride?

  11. LOL , It was a learner 'friendly ride' , and no he didn't take her out on that ride, we did our own ride to Noojee ,
    which was much easier for this noob 8-[, he also had a pillion and had to behave ( a little:angel: )

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  12. After a complete makeover , how HOT does the VMAX look now !!!

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