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  1. well maybe this is a sign of things to come
    well hmm photoshop but its not a bad idea
    could even sell the 12

  2. Looks alright.. I actually saw a pic of a proposed Z1400 yesterday.. :twisted:
  3. sorry Paul but a 1400 hmm why
    ha ha aha aha aha
  4. Here check it out.. :twisted:

  5. The 800 will be such a popular bike...

    I reckon the Z1400 will be a real weapon..
  6. Yup, GD dumping. Feel free to move it there if you like.
  7. Thanks Jase, back where it should be.. Geez Russ what were you thinking .. :p
  8. I reckon if kawasaki do bring out a z1400 it would only be due to suzuki's new b-king,big nakeds with powerfilled engines wooo
  9. The design pic of the ZX8R looks like a fish of some sort. I wonder if that comes from Kwaka or just some guy with photoshop and a wish???
  10. that pic is photoshoped coz that I got that pic. It was a 05 zx6r.
    800 would be a popular bike but then again why not just get a 1000?
  11. Here's another sketch of it, this one looks more like a naked zx14 than a 1400cc Z.

  12. It looks like a sad fish :p
  13. 2nd class... that's a kwaka masequerading as an SV-650. Yuuuuuuuck!!!!
  14. I think on a naked bike with the ZX-14 how it looks is going to be way down on the list of priorities. Holding on would probably take the top spot.
  15. Man I love it!!!! I'm glad I work in a Kawa shop :wink:
  16. A 750/800 has the right bore/stroke ratio to make the bike 'flickable' for the given weight and tyre/wheel size. That's why the MotoGP bikes are faster in their 800 guise (Well that's what I think :) )

    Remembering the engines stroke dictates the spinning gyroscopic mass of the crankshaft.