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ZX7R vs ZX9R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TOMatoPASTE, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys. Just wondering what your opinions and personal stories are on these two bikes. From what I can tell they seem to be two completely different beasts but am yet to ride them.
    The bike is to be used for mostly commuting and some two up riding. Longer ride days up around the hills is for sure on the cards but nothing on track. So, extrapolating from that list, key attributes would have to be ease of riding (commuting), comfort, running costs (if there is a significant difference), fun, passenger comfort. I'm sure both are more than capable in performance terms when it comes time to stretch the legs so whichever is more applicable around town would probably be the go. Would also like to throw in the older ZXR750's into this mix as a cheaper option. Essentially im looking for the most rewarding yet practicle option.

    Cheers for your advice :) ill add my own thoughts once I have ridden these beautiful beasts
  2. For that list of requirements, the 9R, hands down.
  3. The 7R is a highly track focused superbike with backbreaking, wrist smashing, neck wrenching, leg cramping ergos, and the 9R is possibly one of the comfiest sporties ever. Get a 9R, 1998 onwards, they're excellent real world sportsbikes with genuine practicality built in.
  4. Before i got my zx9 i took a zx7 for a ride,went out for about 15 minutes and was glad to get of most uncomfortable bike i have ever riden.On the other hand 6 hours plus is no probs on the nine :grin:
  5. 9R.

    That is all.


    I think the '98 won bike of the year. The '02/'03 were the most refined of the series, but were also the last of the series. The 10R came out in 2004.

    +1 Loz. If pillion/touring comfort is what you want, the models up to '01 are the ones to go for. That awesome grab rail is a pillion's and luggage tie-down's best friend... they did away with it in the model revamp for '02.
  6. I have a '98 ZX9R and my brother has a '97 ZX7R, they are two quite different bikes and I would have to say that the 9R is the better choice for what you intend to do with it.

    I commute on my 9 without any trouble, it is very comfortable (I'm 189cm tall), and a lot of fun. The 7 is also a lot of fun but is nowhere near as comfortable, especially if you want to do any longish distance riding.

    The only downside for both of them is that genuine Kawasaki parts are freakishly expensive, but you can always get aftermarket bits and pieces.
  7. I had a green (beautiful pearly green) 2001 zx9r and hand on heart it was the best bike I've ever owned (before getting pwned by a corolla :evil: ). I miss it dearly and after 5 years and a multitude of other bikes I've decided I want another one (or maybe an early zx10r :LOL: ).
  8. 9r.

    The 7r was not as popular so parts are expensive and hard to find compared to the 9, which are far more common. Plus 900cc bikes are the best :wink:
  9. I think the 7r I rode was the most distasteful, unpleasant riding experience of my life. And I've ridden some real heaps. Terrible riding position, worse pillion comfort, uninspiring handling, just passable engine.
  10. geeze you guys are fast haha :LOL: seems like really good advice! much appreciated. ill keep the 7r in mind if i ever want to "harden the f*** up" as an old school racer haha. I take it the zxr750's that came before it were even more extreme versions of the same concept? I have noticed that zx7r owners seem to be quite passionate about their bikes, iv also noticed that anyone who doesnt own one rarely has much positive to say about them which makes sense given what has been said already.
  11. I've looked into both options with some late night internet research and the general concensus is that the zx7r is lacking in many different departments.

    That said, I would still own one if the right deal came up because they are the most beautiful bike I have ever seen. It's like going out with a chick who you know isn't right for you, but she's the sexiest thing around.
  12. Haha, I like that analogy. That pretty much summs up my dilema with the two rides.
  13. I've never ever heard the 7R described as the sexiest bike ever seen... but I can appreciate where you're coming from mate. The 9R is the pinnacle* of motorcycling - anyone in the know knows that... for you it's the 7. Good luck with it. :)

    *{Paging VTR Elmarco :LOL:}

  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Mr Salv judges all bikes against the 02/03 ZX9R's which reached the pinnacle of motorcycling years ago. He has bought five of them.
  15. got an 02 zx9r. love it, im 6ft 4 and have spent 9hour days on the bike. only a tired and tight low back- no pain. I respect the prev poster thinking the 7 is sexy- ive had posters of it on my wall for years and always wanted one but as prev stated it is not all that user friendly.

    Of the zx9s, the earlier models were a challenge to ride (the b model) and some complained about them, the c model (bike of the year) was a bit more refined but still retained some of the raw brute that the b model had in spades, and as said before the E and F model were more refined, and ended in 2003. I have the F model and love it but if i had my time again i would look for an early model- are a bit more of a brute to ride but when you master it it can be Sooooooo much fun! :grin:
  16. The 7r is mutton dressed as lamb. There's a heavy, old momma under those cosmetics.

    So if you think late model 9r, then consider the 954. I got to have a nice fang on one recently, and i got off thinking, this is an overlooked bike. Compared to a 7r, it's 30kgs lighter, 30hp more, comfy(definately tour on 1), handles well, brakes well, goes like a shower of shite. I was impressed anyway, especially for $8k.
  17. Speaking of a 954, I bought one right after my zx9 died. Nice bike but completely forgettable engine, while powerful its completely lacking in character and any aural stimulation. Crap for pillions as well. I'd still go the 9.