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ZX7R for a first sports bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jaz88, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Hi guys.

    Just introduced myself over in the welcome lounge, and I'm after a bit of advice. I'm looking for a bike to upgrade to after getting my unrestricted license. I've decided I want something sporty, so I've been looking at the Japanese 600's from the late 90's early 00's. However, not much has been happening lately and the only thing on offer nearby is a ZX7R which I went to look at the other day.

    After test riding it I thought it was fantastic, not the most comfortable thing I've ridden but since I'm after something for fun and not long rides that isn't a problem. The main issue was the paint job, which had been custom done and looked wonderful except that it was starting to peel in a few places.

    The bloke who owned it told me it'd need a respray, as the guy who'd done it last used fibreglass paint and the fairing is plastic, so the natural vibrations of the bike were making it flake off. I have no idea whether this is common or just a lot of bull used to cover up a dodgy home attempt so I thought I'd leave it and see what else is on offer. Apart from this, the bike seemed a great deal, '96 model with a few months rego and 41000k's, doesn't seem to have ever been dropped.

    I just logged onto bikepoint tonight, and I noticed he’s dropped the price from $4000 to $3600, so I’m wondering if this is as good as it sounds, or too good to be true? Also, if I do decide to grab it, how much can I expect to pay for a complete respray at a reliable place? (Keeping in mind that I don’t have the experience/facilities to do it myself.)


  2. Hmmm, tough one. Sounds too good to be true, although it's getting a bit long in the tooth. Factor in the respray (hopefully others can advise, or do a search, it has been discussed before) and things might start to balance out. Gotta wonder if there's something you don't know about though, especially mechanically which will cost you more again.

    From all accounts they are a great bike - bulky and heavy by modern standards but enough grunt and wonderfully predictable and stable handling.

    How was that for non-commital? :grin:
  3. You can't go wrong with a Kawasaki, they are great bikes, comfortable, powerful and sturdy.
  4. Offer him $3500. Use the flaking paint as your bargaining tool. Also make sure you've check things like fluid colours etc etc as this as another easy way to talk a price down if its due for a service.

    To be honest, you probably shouldn't bother re-spraying it. You wont get your money back on re-sale, and you'll be less worried about dropping/crashing if the paint it a little dodgey.

    Another thing to take into consideration is those bikes are nuggets. Their wide and heavy. Not necessarily a bad thing but if you want something that is fun and easy work in the twisties I think your better off going with a post 1999 600/750.
  5. Rarer bike, so keep in mind spares will be harder and more expensive to buy in the event you need them. Do the usual checks. Keep in mind you can easily pay 2000 for a paint job from a good shop, and given that he's told you the paint will vibrate off you have a fair bit of room for negotiation there.
  6. For any number of reasons, that explanation of paint "vibrating off" rings alarm bells for me.

    The only paint I've ever seen come off of it's own accord is paint that has been shoddily applied in the first place, including if it's been applied after a brake fluid of polishing with Mr Sheen scenario.

    I was always a fan of these bikes, and though not ultra light, they are sturdy and were well known as a great handler with one of the best front ends around.

    That said, there are plenty of more recent (or similar vintage) ZX-9 models around that weigh the same or less for similar or a bit more cash.

    Last I looked there was one in the Bikes For Sale section here for about 3 grand, plus a ZX-7 in what seems like nearly collectable condition, but for a good bit more than the one you're looking at.

    Bottom line is they were good bikes, but the age and state of that one along with a few question marks makes me think there might be better for a similar or a bit more spend. It's always possible that it's good under the bodgy exterior, but if you're not able to assess the overall condition well enough then it seems a gamble with what might well be a "rats leaving a sinking ship" paint job.
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