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zx7r and the zx9r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Gowron, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Why are these 2 bikes so cheap. like a 7r si going for around 4-7K where are some of similar power go for 10. Is it that there crap. Or just not a lot of demand??

  2. age and Kms, power has nothing to do with price. and because the 7R ran from 96 to 03, you get some VERY varied examples of age/condition/price.
  3. the ZX9R is a great bike better to look at models 2000 and later 2002 will cost between 8000 and 11000.
  4. ummm...where you get cheap ones??
    a first model 7R will cost you at least $4large for the first model
    and even an early 9R will cost $6
    late models??? $8 and $10k respectively for good uns
  5. From what I've read in magazines...

    the zx7r's were very popular track bikes. So I'm guessing the prices are so low cause a lot of the bikes were raced.

    zx9r's apparently lack the power of a litre bikes, and so most people who will go for the big bikes just skip right past the zx9r's and go straight to the 1000cc machines.

    Anyone feel free to correct me.
  6. I think it's more because they are a bit heavy for the amount of power they put out.

    A good review can be found at http://bikepoint.ninemsn.com.au/por...D__5760/ArticleID__118539/DesktopDefault.aspx

    awe, c'mon
  7. If I'm misinformed, blame the journo's :p
  8. ZX9s do not lack power, there would be a handful of guys on the road that can use them to there full and as for 1000s well yes the latest are all animals and there are even less riders on the road that can use them to there limit. The Kawasakis are very underated and are a great buy rock solid and have always produced excellent power. So if you want a bike for riding and not posing then the ZX9 will do you very well. Simply Kawasaki got left behind and as they have stated they built bikes for the raod and not the track but Kawasakis history is very impresive as the ZX7 won stacks of superbike titles around the world for years and the Z900 and Z1R are classics that were ground breaking machines.

    Take the advantage of lower resale prices and snap a bargain. I did and I love it.