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zx7/9 modifications. edited to include the urgent.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. *edit* might just be the pads, but is there a ready-made aftermarket brake upgrade for the zx7s?? like 900+ rotors/calipers etc etc etc???
    my brakes seriously don't pull up like they should.*/edit*

    Don't plan to project my bike just yet. (i said i'd get a bike not a car so i didn't do this), but is there anyone in oz that does zx7/9 conversion kits? or will i have to buy o/s. i figure eventually instead of getting a new bike, i'll just turn the 7 into a 9.

    oh, and for those with the same plan

  2. just buy a sticker/decal kit! :grin:

    :p :p
  3. yeah but then i'd have to buy a 900 and try and peel the zx7 stickers off this bike :p
  4. Don't think it'll be worth it Flex..

    Take into account cost of labour/ZX9 engine, & compare that to paying
    $2k more for a ZX9 than what you paid for ya 7.
  5. yes but you do realise i'm an idiot. labour would be free(ish), i was an engine fitter, although not with bikes i'm sure fitting and turning experience would help enough that i'd manage. unfortunately i've lost the mate that i could do everything with, (bail condition for him not to see me).

    nah fair enough call though. it'd be a case of - shoulda bought a thou....
    on a serious (by serious i mean affordable in the near future) note.... pocket bikes are cheap. i work 6 minutes walk from home. can you buy 110cc units or do you have to bore/stroke 49cc ones yourself???? i'll also ask this question in a pocket bike thread.
  6. I made the same enquiry you're making now (before buying the ZX7) &
    thats what I was told.

    Better off buying a 110cc unit. Alot cheaper these days compared to
    when I was riding em 3yrs ago.

    I used to ride my 49cc the 3km to work each day & got my bike license
    when they made em illegal to use on the roads cool25.

    I've got this engine.. brand new, thats been sitting here. Was going to buy
    a bike to put it into but lost all interest when I got bike license.


    It'll fit into one of these..