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  1. I will be checking out a 96 zx6r with 16000 k's

    What should I look out for/what goes wrong with them ?
    they are asking $3500 for it.


  2. That's very low km's for an early ninja, most of these early ones get ridden lots and have changed hands several times, so I'd be a bit suss (could be genuine though).

    Look for wear and tear in places that see a lot of use to check this: grips, ignition surround wear, heal plates (polished by pants), etc.

    These bikes have a pretty good reputation for reliability, so check all the cycle parts: bearings (head and wheel), chain adjustment and wear, pads, etc. Make sure no obscene noises are coming from the engine (cam chain, etc).

    A test ride will tell you more about the bike than anyone here will be able to, I wouldn't buy it for that price without riding, they usually sell for $5-6.5k
  3. Freezing Carbs :(
  4. If its a dealer be very wary
    if its a private ask a Lot more questions it sounds too cheap

    Vic what do you mean by Freezing Carb's ?

  5. I had a 98 ZX6R and it was prone to the carbies "freezing"

    Aparently the ram air caused the carbies to run too cold to carburete(?sp) properly.

    There was an after market fix for them by re-routing one of the water hoses around the carbies to keep them warm.

    Mine suffered it pretty badly.
  6. sounds like a great buy! check it out like others said, things like your front brake lever and clutch lever for play etc will soon tell you if those km are genuine or not :)
  7. Hi vic, I thought that carb freeze was a 1998 ZX9 thing and in colder climates overseas. So thats interesting yours had it happening. I have a few people tell me about it but only in the UK. Did you fix it?

    V8 Cresida check the motor for oil leaks take a torch and look right inside the fairing around the front and also check the width of the Disks specially the front they can be a bit of a cost to replace.

    Good Luck
  8. No, it wasnt limited to the 9's the 6's suffered from it as well.

    Mine sorted itself out once the K&N and the rejetting was done. Then it only caused me problems in extremely cold weather.
  9. thanks for the info will check it out on the w/e
  10. Sorry about the late reply but I just registered. I own a 96 ZX6 with 75k km and have only had problems now (no oil pressure). I'd be skeptical of the thing with 16K on the clock, I think its missing a one at the beginning (the odometer does not go into 100K mark)

    I've just checked the values on Redbook and they're between $3500-4100 for trade in at 5K private.

    Yes the carbies can freeze, the simple solution is let the thing warm up, if you are politically incorrect like my goos self and smoke have a smoke, as the temp gauge hits the marker away you go an no probs!!!!!
  11. so at what year model did this carbie freezing thing stop at? (when i eventually get to upgrade i'd like to have a look at teh zx6)
    and what is the outcome of having carbies freeze? is it just an annoyance? or does it make the bike unridable...?
  12. I think its just an annoyance, let it warm up for 4-5 min and all is fine. It only freezes when you fang it, and it soesn't help if you're taking a corner at the time.