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ZX6R won't start. Help my poor little baby....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kargo, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. I got up early this morning to take the ZX6R for a spin only to find that it wouldn't start :cry:

    When i put the key in, the dash lights up and headlights turn on as per normal but when i press the start button the bike makes a choking kind of noise. I found this video on youtube which demonstrates, what seems to be, the exact same problem.

    The comments on youtube seem to be inconclusive. Any ideas what's wrong with my bike and how i can fix it?
  2. Do you think this could have anything to do with the factory recall DAD372A, haven't had my bike sorted out by a dealer yet. The kawasaki letter saysa:

    "An abnormal condition may occur with the generator which could cause the engine to be hard to start and may result in poor engine performance or stalling."
  3. take this for a grain of salt this is just what i was told.

    according to my dealer, when i got mine done that recall was mainly a problem in the us (different temperatures and altitudes and shit apparently)
    he said all electronics would be useless so doesnt sound like it if your lights and dash still work.

    try the zxrforums there will be more info over there.

    still your best bet to call the dealer and say got a recall letter and the bike dont start fix it please.
  4. Try a jump start. Although it sounds like the starter motor is not engaging properly so I would suspect that.
  5. Starter pinion not throwing in. Battery is dead. Charge or jump start
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  6. Or push start. Its easier than you think. Second or third gear down a hill. Clutch in then dump it at speed.
  7. Decided to grab the old multi-meter and check out the battery. Voltage is reading 11V. According to the manual a healthy battery should be over 12.8V.

    I don't think i can really do a push start cause my drive way is very steep (up hill) and i probably can't even push the bike up to the road by myself.

    I have decided to take the battery out and put it on a the battery chargers rejuvenation cycle. If this works, i assume it means that my battery is on its way out. Should i go and buy another one anyway?
  8. Not yet, wait until you have charged it and then if you can start the bike measure the voltage across the battery while revving the engine. While revving you should be getting 13.8 - 14.4 volts. Less than that and it is a sign you have a problem with the charge circuit.
  9. Correct if you havent been riding much the battery might just have lost charge. If its running okay when you get it going and charging well when revving. As stated above. Then you might want to invest in an optimate or something of the like. Nothing worse than getting revved up for a ride and then getting all geared up and going out to the garage to find a dead battery
  10. recharge the battery and start the bike. Put a multimeter across the battery and measure the voltage with the engine running. It should be in the range of 13.5 - 14.5V DC. If it is lower than 12.5 or higher than 15V you may have a problem with your stator and or the reg/rectifier. This is a common problem with ZX6R and 10R and addressed by a recall in some instances, your model year included.


    Kawasaki—Ninja Motorcycles (2008-2012 Models)

    PRA number: 2012/13053
    Date published: 9th March 2012
    Product information

    Product description

    Kawasaki Motorcycles
    ZX1000E8F- 2008 Ninja ZX- 10R
    ZX1000E9F- 2009 Ninja ZX-10R
    ZX1000FAF- 2010 Ninja ZX-10R
    ZX600R9F- 2009 Ninja ZX-6R
    ZX600R9FA- 2009 Ninja ZX-6R- Monster Energy
    ZX600RAF- 2010 Ninja ZX-6R
    ZX600RBF- 2011 Ninja ZX-6R
    ZX600RCF-2012 Ninja ZX-6R
    Identifying features

    Campaign Number: DAD372A
    Target Number- 1431
    What are the defects?

    Excessive heat within the circuit board and uncontrolled electric current output may result in insufficient charging to the motorcycle battery.
    What are the hazards?

    Insufficient charging of the battery may result in poor engine performance, engine stalling or a no-start condition. This condition may increase the risk of an accident.
    Dates available for sale

    • 1st March 2008 - 31st January 2012
  11. OK so here's an update.
    - Battery rejuvenation cycle and charge completed
    - battery voltage after charge 12.7V
    - bike started with battery installed
    - battery voltage 1.5K rev (idle) approx 11.96V
    - battery voltage 2.5K rev approx 12.4V
    - battery voltage 3.5K rev approx 12.6V

    Didn't want to rev the bike too much cause my neighbours would have got pissed off.

    What do you guys think? Hopefully it starts tomorrow morning otherwise I'll have to catch the bus to work :(

    BTW I'm going to try and book my 24K service for next weekend and get the recall sorted out at the same time.
  12. Check it again in the morning - the battery voltage only. A failing battery will often drop significantly overnight.

    Have you checked that there is no current drain with everything off? To rule out an electrical fault of some sort. NB. modern bikes with electric guages which might have clocks in them might draw a couple of milliamps, otherwise there should be zero current out of the battery with the key in the off position.

    How old is the battery? They don't last forever. 5 years is old.
  13. Mine was doing the same thing...

    Mine ended up being the stator had died and this caused the battery to drain as it was not being charged when the bike was running.

    If the voltage stays fairly static when revving the bike then you may be lucky and have not killed the rec/reg as well.

    I had my stator replaced & fitted a new battery last week and so far so good
  14. 12.6V @ 3.5K rpm is not enough...I would expect to see at least 13.5+ at those rpms
  15. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Bike started without any problem in the morning and also on the way back from work.

    I'll check the battery again tomorrow night (have an early start tomorrow and probably won't have time).

    I called bikebiz to book in my 24K service and got quoted farking 800 bucks! Guy said he could order the part for the recall no prob. I'll have to call a few other places to try and get a better deal. Only reason why I got the dealer to quote is cause I thought I could save some labour costs if they did the recall replacement at the same time.
  16. I think Mike is right @Kargo it is probably not charging, Just be aware you are gradually flattening the battery as you ride. Don't leave this service too long.
  17. Well its all sorted now, the mechanic said the stator wasn't working properly which was preventing the battery from charging. Was fixed as part of the recall :)
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