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ZX6R with a repaired blown headgasket. Good buy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fatjoez, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Can someone give me some thoughts on this bike?

    Kawasaki ZX6R 2005

    Repaired blown head gasket 2 years ago by previous owner
    Current owner has done 3000km since then only which seems low.

    Price wise this is the cheapest ZX6R on market but does not come with roadworthy or rego.

    Can I get some general thoughts on this bike?
    For the price is it generally okay to buy and stomach any possible repairs?

  2. You're in Qld and the bike's in West Auckland??
  3. haha I'm in Auckland for work.
    Any thoughts on the bike?
  4. Do you know what repair would cost? If not then find out and add 30% for anything else that may be wrong with it, plus Rwc etc costs. Is this total number (incl bike price) significantly less than other ZX6R 's on the market. If so then maybe worth the plunge. If not don't bother.

    I would personally prefer to buy a bike in good working order and pref with Rwc and rego as way less hassle.
  5. I agree with chilli.

    If you're just there for work do you have access to tools? A garage? What happens when the work finishes? Choose wisely!
  6. I agree with chilli, and besides, it seems like a lot too much money for condition and age...
  7. The repair may be fine. However, you've got to give some thought to how the head gasket became buggered on a modern Japanese engine. Thrashed, overheated, run without proper coolant or what?
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  8. Unless the price was way low, so i could factor in the cost of a new engine, if it came to that, I'd pass.

    3000 km since the repair is no proof that the repair has rectified the problem, and there can be more. As PatB has suggested, blown head gaskets have causes, and effects, both of which are unknown.

    I would speculate that the owner has seen the before and after and is not willing to live with the effects after only a short time and is just offloading it.

    Also the bother of importing and compliancing it, if it needs that adds cost and inconvenience. I'd think about it if it was hundreds or a very small amount of thousands only.

    Risk and bother. I'd rather pay more with many fewer uncertainties.
  9. Sorry misread - thought head was still blown...
  10. jstava raises a good point. Unless you own it in NZ for a year (and you're there with it for pretty much the whole time) or it already has an Australian Compliance Plate you won't get it into Australia. No ifs, no buts.
  11. Good feedback.

    FYI I'm in NZ for 1.5 years. Will sell bike before returning.

    For comparison another ZX6R for sale here $6k negotiable (assume $5200-5500) with RWC + serviced recently
    Assuming 4k for this bike + RWC ($1000 for possible mechanical work) + Registration ($200) = $5200

    Is this a fair estimation?
  12. Sounds reasonable. It doesn't take long for professional repairs to burn through the couple of grand difference in the prices and I'd say the $6k bike represents a lower risk of problems. That's without seeing both in detail, of course. Don't forget to charge your time spent farting around getting a RWC and/or arranging repairs too. It adds up and makes the safer, more convenient option seem less expensive than it might appear at first glance.
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