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ZX6R v R1 v R6 v DAYTONA 675 v DUCATI 848 v GSXR750 v CBR1000RR v CBR600RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by chindodood, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. hey guys what do you think of these bikes?
    which one do you guys recommended?
    which one easier to maintain?
    which one cheaper for insurance?

    not sure which bike to get :(
    i just got off my ninja 250 and i dont ride like an idiot

  2. im interested in daytona 675 in white but they only 1 for sale in QLD :(
  3. Thats an extremely broad spectrum there... but if I had the cash i'd go Ducati, because its a ducati, then the R1, then the CBR1000RR then the GSXR 750 then the DAYTONA then the CRR600R then R6...dont like the ZX6R.... Preeeetttyyy straight forward if you ask me
  4. Insurance? Get on an online quote website and do the hard work yourself. :p
  5. ..............
  6. very close to the same choice of bikes I have shot listed for a test ride
  7. The GSX-R 1000
  8. Seriously it just comes down to preference and the year model more imporantly. They are all good bikes the daytona and duc cost more to maintain for sure, they are materially cooler but performance wise they don't really offer anything more than their jap counterparts.

    With the years for example I've riden the 08 r1s and I reckon they suck but the 2010 model while being ugly they have a revised engine and from what I've observed they seem like a winner but I'd have to get the keys to one to be sure.. The new cbrs are supposed to be great but the older ones are good but nothing amazing. I've ridden almost all the 600s and they are all great when pushing hard, Don't know about comfort and cruisability.

    Just ask yourself what you genuinely want to do with it? Racing/trackdays, mountain riding, commuting, cruising/posing etc. If your looking for cruising and the mountains go for something with more torque like the new r1, 1098 or daytona, cbr1000. if it's track stuff go for your r6/cbr600, 08 r1 peak power machines.
  9. chindodood, go and test ride every one of them and buy whichever one feels right. If you're looking for something easy to maintain and cheap to insure, buy a Hornet 600.
  10. 08 R1's suck ???? Careful, mate ! :)
    I know many owners of 09/10 R1's who'd swap their R1 for an 08 model. That's their opinion, however. After becoming accustomed to the 'new' growl of the engine, the novelty for them wore off.
    Each to their own, again. I LOVE my 08 R1. Quite possibly the best sportsbike I've ridden and I personally find the 08 Model nicer looking compared to the '09/10.

    UDLOSE - mate, you're the first person ever that I've heard using the work 'suck' in reference with the (08) R1...bad experience ?
  11. Daytona 675's are more likely to cost less to maintain than its Jap counterparts. Spare parts are equivalent in price, but the 675 has a 10,000km service interval, as opposed to 6,000 for many of the Jap 600's.

    Same price for spare parts and service, and they're serviced 3/5ths as often makes the 675 cheaper to maintain.
  12. I'll defer to an experienced motorcyclist's opinion on this issue any day, but to me 10,000 km service intervals seem like a marketing gimmick trying to lower the cost of ownership at the risk of the motorcycle's longevity. Given the amount of abuse I and many riders I know are capable of dishing out to a motorcycle, particularly on a commuter run, I'd perform a minor service myself every 5,000 km. Taking this into account, I would consider a Daytona 675 as more expensive to maintain than a Jap 600.

    Pete the Pom has mentioned Triumph's service intervals here.
  13. I almost bought an 08 r1 brand new till i rode one. I've ridden my mates one a number of times and i don't like the handling or the power delivery and the stupidly tall 1st gear. On the freeway on the otherhand it's fantasic if u want to triple the speed limit and id love to run one down the quarter mile. Me and my mates played swaps one day on old road and I rode the 08 r1 and a 06 fireblade and I preferred the blade it actually made some torque but it wasn't as thrilling at full noise as the r1, but I found it to be quicker through the turns (able to pick the throttle up sooner and get a decent roll on). My mate with the r1 got off my bike and the first thing he said was "**** I should have got a 600!".

    In not against 1000s but I haven't ridden one that I truly love yet.

    With the newer R1s I'm only going off what I've seen of them on track days, u reckon big bang isn't for the better?
  14. If you enjoy drinking half skim half soy flavoured lattes and fixing electrical issues get the ducati.

    Seriously though, that is a huge range of bikes to compare, you're pretty much asking to be advised what the best super sport 600 - 1000cc is.

    For insurance just go to insuremyride and run a quote on each it's pretty quick, that will give you a rough idea.
  15. I change my oil at every 5000kms, true. It costs me $16 (Delo 400).

    I own a Daytona 675 (2 of them in fact), and I've owned plenty of Jap bikes. While you may "consider" the 675 to be more expensive to maintain, my reality differs.

    As for the link you provided, I had the throttle bodies balanced and the valve clearances checked recently on the 20,000kms service of one of my 675's. Those checks are not done at any service point before then. My valve clearances were all well within factory spec, and the throttle body balance wasn't particularly out to any large degree.

    Sure, you can find exceptions (as per the link), but I doubt that's any different to any bike type.
  16. I own a Street Triple (30,000kms) and my experience has been similar to FLUX's.
  17. i did :( its so expensive.. over 3k for comprehensive insurance.. so thats why im wondering how much u guys pay for insurance :)
  18. thinking if i should jst get 600.. cuz some of my friends said its better to get 600 as you cant really use all the power in 1000s..
    so really looking towards daytona 675 , i like the sounds of it
  19. cause one lil mistake it might cost me my life :(
  20. Comprehensive insurance for one of these bikes is going to be expensive for most newer, younger riders. However, $3K still sounds excessive.

    One little mistake can cost you your life on any bike.