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ZX6R v GSXR600 v YZFR6

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LKC73, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Hey all, went bike shopping this morning and tested 3 bikes as listed in the title.

    Now even though I only had each bike for as little as a 1/2 hour each ride, this is the thoughts I had about each bike.

    ZX6R was first cab off the rank,
    First thing i noticed as the gauge cluster is 75% covered buy the screen, which kinda sucks when your passing a speed camera and want to see how fast your going. Also hard to check the RPM's in case you dont want to hit that rev limiter.
    The other thing i noticed about the Kawa was it felt "heavy" to turn compaired to say the GSXR, and the bike over all though was bigish, which for a tall person like me is no real big deal. Great power delivery after 10,000 Rpm but also very rideable down in low Rpm's also.

    2nd Bike was the GSXR,
    This was an awesome bike to sit on! I felt at home soon as I sat on it. The same feeling in power as the XZ6R, but a bit smoother. The GSXR also has a very loud intake sound, which is awesome to listen to, but on a decent run ear plugs for that alone would be needed. It was to me, very close call between that and the R6. The GSXR bike in a corner felt a little twitchy to me, even with a factory damper on it. Maybe it just needed dailing in.

    3rd was the R6,
    The Yamaha was very comfy to ride, felt wide in the seat at lights though. Also the seat is very tall compaired to the other models, but again, im tallish so it didnt bother me. The slipper clutch is very noticeable also (was told to try it) and works great when pulling up at lights hard and changing down gears fast. No rear wheel skip as felt from compression locking. The only thing missing from the R6 to the others was a gear indecator in the cluster, which isnt really needed but handy if you forget what gear your in (and this can happen to anyone)

    Over all, they all have great brakes, pulled up no problems. All 3 bikes have there own sound from the factory pipe, with the Suzuki's intake note thrown in, its very growley bike to listen to. The Yamaha the lesser of all 3 but still having a nice stock note.

    Im a Yamaha fan through and through, Ive had 4 Yamaha's in the past now so I could be a little bias here. But i tried to keep an open mind and wanted to test out all 3 brands (honda's im not interested in) but the one Ive walked away with is the New 2007 R6 in black & silver, and with the new 2008 models due out, i got a decent deal. I should be back on 2 wheels buy thursday, and Im excited!! :grin:

    PS, this bike review is just my opinon for a machine to suite me personally, take from this what you will, but all the 600's are fair dam close to each other. Its just down to a matter of personal taste.
  2. Thanks for the review.
    Did the Gixxer feel the lightest and smallest physically and how was the reach to the bars on it compared to the others?
  3. Go ride a Triumph 675, and let us know if you still feel like it's a case of splitting hairs. Seriously, go do it.
  4. Sorry flux, that was aimed at the 3 I tested.. Ive been told & read about the 675 but didnt give myself the chance to find out. (should have I know)

    Deadsy, the R6 felt the lightest of the 3, but the GSXR wasnt far behind it, if anything it felt a bit longer. Reach was good, didnt feel like a strech at all.
  5. errr just wondering because 2 of the bikes you mention are on my "checklist" and you mentioned differences in seat height/width etc......what height are you ?
  6. nixon-chic, Hi there, The Suzuki & Kawazaki felt lower with my legs slightly bent sitting up at lights and flat footted.

    The Yamaha im still flat footted, but the legs are pretty straight.

    I stand about 6 foot-ish, now thats not tall, but not short either. Im also about 83kg's which makes the bikes squat down a little.
  7. Thanks for responding LKC :) Im 5'7ish & found the R6 a comfy flat foot, leg & body position. Your comments earlier made me wonder if you suffer ducks disease :LOL: but your last post has cleared it up nicely for me :grin:
  8. I have a nice 2007 R6 for sale if you are interested! :)
  9. thanks but too $$