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ZX6R Streetfighter

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by shadowarrior, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. So...I finally stripped the front head fairings of my 96 zx6r and it wasn't a pretty sight.

    Even though its ABS plastic, am doubting if all the plastic weld would actually stay strong, or would start coming apart after a couple of months.

    I did take the bike for a spin minus all the fairings (and the air ram tubes) and it felt light and nice....so thought of giving it a street fighter look.

    More the reason be, I recently got a nice pair of Hella horns, and when i fixed them just a bit on top of the rads (nope i didn't bolt them or drilled them to the rad, just used a bracket to place them where the stock horn sits), I noticed the fairings and the air ram ducts wont fit in properly.

    All I need now is a dual headlight, where I can mount the indicators..and some sort of a head cowl which covers the wiring behind the instrument panel. And a pair of bar end mirrors.

    I do plan to fix the fairings and put them back on when I intend to sell, but being a 96, it wouldn't really make a huge difference on the price am gonna get.

    The questions:

    1. Where would I get a headlight assembly (pref. i wanna pick up the top cowl/visor along with it) and how much would it cost me? I am not after anything fancy, and wouldn't mind second hand parts cheap.

    2. How important are the front air ducts of the 96 zx6r? I know they are important for the 9rs, 'cos Loz had to do some tweaking to channel the air through when he stripped his 9r. The reason am asking this is, I am not really feeling any difference in city/freeway riding without the air ram ducts and tubes on.

    3. How much would a pair of bar end mirror cost?

    4. If I do decide to bin my plans of making it a street fighter and put the fairings back on, could you guys suggest me a place to mount those pair of new horns?

    Any advice would be helpful.
  2. If you're after cheaper bar end mirrors? Around $20 on ebay.

    Oh and pics of the work in process please.
  3. yep, keeping an eye on ebay. got to find a cheaper solution for the headlight assembly, else have to mod out the existing stock head light for now.

    am still confused about the air ducts though..... :|

    pics to come soon :)
  4. If your not feeling a difference, its probably not making one.

    RAM air issues are easy to spot, spluttery, flat spots, really poor performance.
    Some bikes are fine with RAM air removed, some are not.

    If the 6r doesnt rely on the carbs to be pressurized to match the airbox, then removing the RAM tubes only means youll miss at best a few ponies when your mackin along.

    If the bike relied on equal airbox and carb pressure, which it sounds like it doesnt, then youd have problems and you would know about it.
  5. yep was thinking about the same point, if the air ducts did make any difference, it should have been easy to spot by now.

    just spoke to aami, (have comprehensive with them) and they are willing to cover my bike unless i do any illegal modifications without notifying them. which would include illegal fairings/exhausts etc.
    So i confirmed that if I strip my bike off the stock fairings, they do not consider it illegal and would still cover it :)

    looking for a pair of dominators now, and gonna find another place to mount the mirrors apart from the bar end...