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Zx6r Rearsets

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sparz, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    Today i was doing a u-turn up Mt glorious (on a wet hill with leaves all over the floor) and i slipped and dropped my bike on its right hand side. Luckily my oggy knobs took the force of the drop. Anyways the small section of rearset that connects to the brake lever has snapped, as well as my footres. It didnt fold back up like it was supposed to :( So basically i have to buy a new rearset.

    Just looking for some guidance on buying a new rearset. Should i go with the stocko's (which i heard are like $175 from kawasaki for the one rearset), or can someone recommend some fairly cheap aftermarket ones? I've been looking and it seems i can get a set - left and right side rearsets for about $300 from china.
    All i can basically find is racing rearsets which are very expensive. If anyone could point me to any good websites id greatly appreciate it.

    EDIT: HOLY DOOLY. I rang up kawasaki and they said $150 for the right hand side rearset and $100 for the foot rest... woah $100 for that tiny footrest? ripoff much?

    Ill try out some wreckers, otherwise ill go aftermarket...Only problem with many aftermarket ones if that they dont connect to the brake light (Still searching for some decent places to buy aftermarket ones)
  2. Try some of the US sites like bikebandit.com

    just looked up '07 zx6r, us$60.98 for the footrest and us$75.83 for the rearset. pity it wasn't the lefthand peg, it's only $42.91

    postage will be fairly high so make sure to stuff the parcel with other stuff that you will need in order to spread the cost over as many items as possible

    There's always 'bling' footpegs advertised on fleabay cheap as well
  3. ok so i decided just to get some aftermarket rearsets. Nice gold ones from CHIIIIINA! Ill tell you how they are once they get here
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  5. If the expensive genuine ones broke in a light fall, what chance do 'cheap' ones have??
  6. exactly? no point spending big bucks if they snap as easily as cheaper ones...
  7. my point is cheaper ones will snap even more readily, surely?
  8. Probably, but does it matter?
  9. dont crash and neither will break =]
  10. well guys i got the ones from china, they were beautiful.. Very nice.... But they didnt bloody fit!!! the screw holes were off by a good 3+mm!!!

    so i sent those back, got my refund.

    And i bought some parts from a wrecker interstate.

    Still ended up costing me $140.. but oh well, better than the $250 kawasaki wanted for brand new

    I wish u guys posted earlier.. those black ones look nice.. (if they fit - haha)