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zx6r rear tail section change ....yes/no

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Den Monkey, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Keep it standard

  2. Leave it on and black. Makes i unique

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  3. Leave it on and paint it Green

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  1. Ok heres the deal.
    I picked up a tail section for my 99 zx6r and fitted it about 2.5 minutes after I picked it up from the post office, including getting back home.

    Now when I ordered it (private) I wasn't quite sure how it fitted and for the price I was paying I wasn't too concerned to be honest. There is always Ebay :grin:

    Anyway it turns out it is a complete rear section as per the pic . Thought it was a clip on cowl (over seat)and ive come to realise a few things.

    1. Since it is a complete section and not just a cowl and is screwed on I have lost any option of using the under rear seat storage area.
    Granted I could use it but taking off the tail everytime is a pain in the arse obviously. So this means all my tools and wet weather gear etc must go in the tank bag if I want to take along with me. Not a fan of having the bag on all the time and use it when I need to only.

    2. I've lost my pillion grab rails. Ok no biggie cause I have no pillion seat anymore. However since Im a short ass Ive found when reversing on grass it used to make it easier to move it backwards if I reached around behind me and lifted the rail a tad.

    3. Right now its only mounted by 2 screws which attach under/beside the main seat.

    Ok so the questions are.

    Am I being a skirt and should just suck it up and chuck the gear in my tank bag when travelling a good distance. I do like them handy though.

    Should I leave it on ? If so should I keep it black or paint it green to match the bike. Not sure if I like the black with the green at this point.
    Might grow on me.
    Also there is a slight chip in it which I figured I could fix if I paint it. Give me something to do, you know ?

    Also as per the pic below there is a grommited hole on top which lines up with a hole in a bracket under where the pillion seat used to be placed.
    If anyone has one could you let me know if this is meant for a bolt of some sort?

    Figure I could chuck it on for Australia day and stick a flag in it or something.

    So let me know via the poll what ya think and any nifty suggestions you may have.

    Heres a few pic to help you along


    New Tail

    Bolt hole

    Cheers Brett
  2. No idea why there would be the gromet hole in it :?

    Could you do something like Ive seen on some GSXR's where theres a door at the front of the tail (behind your bum) which you can poke stuff into. (Im sure my description sucks).
    Not as big though as the GSXR bump so not much room.
  3. Keep the new tail on there and decal it up with something hot!
    Seriously, it's your pride and joy so why not make it stand out from the crowd! Some people streetfighter their bikes, some respray, some bling. I'd much prefer it if my bike was different to every other bike on the road rather than the same as every tenth bike i saw.

    As for what to do for boot space... why not take this opportunity to fit a video recording unit permanently under the boot of the bike and wire it up to a lipstick cam up front. :D

    Anyone who knows my bike will know why i take this stance on customs.
  4. Actually the cam thing wouldnt be a bad idea. Still be a pain in the arse to get to though.

    I was actually thinking about modding it a little after
    Jmuzz mentioned of a flip down panel in the front.
    Just to figure out how to do it I guess.

    Its only thing fibre glass really, so not sure of my options. You can get fibre glass kits right ?
  5. Leave it Black but get Green Vinyl Flames or stipes for the top section then it would be unique.

    If you want, fit an alarm system into the back cowl area and then wire it up to a remote so that you don't ever have to remove the cowl again.

    Great for security when the bastards can't get to the Alarm without smashing the bike up, Which they won't do, as they can't sell the bike complete then. its harder for them to shift it for cash.

    Then get an Undertail to remove the ugly black fender peice of plastic hanging underneath, and sharpen up the rear at the same time, then get a hugger to keep your bikes ass clean.