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ZX6R J1 vs Z750, Z1000 and ZX6R 05

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NovaCoder, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. I finally got off my ass last weekend and took some new Kwacky’s out on a test-ride, a Z750, Z1000 and ZX6R (all 05 models). For a review comparison, I currently ride a ZX6R (J1, 00 model) and I’m just under 6ft tall.

    Z750: Weird! Feels like you are sitting over the front wheel. Seems to handle ok, really drops into turns (prob due to the flat bars). Hides it’s weight well. The gearbox was ok (not great just ok), same with the brakes (adequate springs to mind). Not really a power-house of power but has a nice bit of low-down torque and so it’s good to just cruise around on. Liked the dash and the ergonomics in general.

    Z1000: I rode this straight after the Z750 so I could do a decent comparison (to see if it was worth the extra $$$). You can feel the increased torque straight away (and very nice it is to), it also gets very lively once you get it up to about 10,000 RPM. The exhaust note is completely different to the Z750 (must be those weird silencers), not sure which one has the better sound. If I brought one the entire exhaust system would be the first thing to go anyway so it’s not an issue for me. You can definitely feel the extra power of the brakes over the 750. The suspension didn’t feel very different (upside-down vs. standard), maybe slightly better damping with less dive on the brakes than the 750. The gearbox on the 1000 was just plain nasty and it totally refused to change gear without using the clutch. This bike was very new (less than 200k) so maybe it would loosen up a bit and become more like the 750’s gearbox. It felt slightly heavier than the 750 to ride although as they weigh about the same it was probably just in my head.

    ZX6R: This bike was fitted with a Yoshi end-can, other than that it was standard. Slightly more extreme riding position to mine, not a torture instrument or anything but I was still a bit disappointed. The slipper-clutch is great fun, banging down gears entering a tight bend with no compression lockup to worry about. Gearbox is up to normal ZX6 standards (eg good). The power is of course awesome….I really cannot see why you would want more on the road. You do have to rev the sucker a bit to go to warp-speed but I reckon an air-filer and PC would free up more mid-range. One thing I found surprisingly bad were the front brakes, I was expecting 749 style braking but instead they felt spongy even though they were powerful enough. I’m used to braided-lines on my bike so if the new one was fitted with them it would probably feel much better. Oh yes, and the screen does indeed cut the speedo in half….double bubble next time please.

    So in summary, after riding 3 new bikes to find a replacement to my old J1, I was not actually that impressed. The 750/Z1000 just didn’t generate the same kind of excitement that I get from my bike and while the new version was great it was a step-backwards in the comfort stakes. :cry:

    Maybe I’ll just wait until they get around to replacing the ZZR6 with a J1 like they’ve already done in the States :wink:
  2. ..... or you could buy a Honda (ducks for cover...)!!
  3. nah go a Yamaha a much more better quality bike :p
  4. Or a nice Harley FatBoy...
  5. Thanks for the review. the 750 got my attention when is came out. How would you rate the 750 vs 1000 for value for money? Say out of 10
  6. You can get the Z750 for 11K (on the road), with the new $1000 rebate you can get the 1000 for just over 13k. For your extra 2k you get upside-down forks, better brakes, more torque and an immobilizer.

    It's really down to the individual but I'd prob go for the 1000 because that's the only one they do in my fav color (titanium).
  7. The Brakes on the 05 MUST need bleeding or something.
    My 03's front brakes are AWESOME & heaps stronger than mates 03 R6.
    I have used (1) finger to slow down from indicated 240ish @QR at the end of the back straight coming into turn (3) & regularly use only (2) fingers for braking.

    I can't see an 01 ZXR even being comparable to the radial mount setup, let alone the 05 ZXR's radial master cylinder/radial mount calipers setup.
  8. Obviously this is only in my experience & really doesn' t matter if that is what you have found.
  9. From what I've read, picking the difference between radial mount brakes and standard (perpendicular, I suppose) mount brakes is all but impossible on the road, and really hasn't made a whole lot of difference in the scheme of things.

    I just got a quote back from QBE online for the an '05 ZX6R for me: $3000, $500 excess.

    Yeah, that'll happen. :roll:
  10. Hi,

    It wasn't that they actually lacked power, just felt a bit spongy. If I brought one, some braided lines would be going straight on 8)
  11. I have read that in magazines as well, But I'm posting what I have & what I have ridden.
    I haven't ridden alot of current model road bikes, 05 ZX10 being the newest, 99 R1 & 03 R6 & I LOVE the POWER & FEEL of my 03 radial mount setup compared to the 03 R6 & 99 R1 with(Braided Lines).
    I have just fitted braided lines on the front of my 6 & they feel even better now.
    I reckon go test ride a few bikes with Radial Mount Caliper/master cylinder setups & then comment on how good they are in comparison, I think you will like them.
  12. But perhaps the improvement is merely better brakes, not just because they're radial mount.

    But I certainly will be riding a few bikes, once these damn restrictions are up!
  13. possibly, but the flex is gone.
  14. I just sold my 03 Z1000.
    If you do alot of town riding as well as your average bumpy country roads then the Z1000 is the choice. Standard suspension set up is really soft, suited to tight bumpy roads where you ride it like a dirt bike, tip it into the corner and keep your head up. Took mine to Phillip Island, but first put heavier weight fork oil in, wound the rebound up full and wound up the preload on the rear. Plenty of mumbo down the straight (about the same as a new 600), great under brakes and ok through the corners. Heaps of fun at a safe sort of speed.
    Mine had the whole exhaust replaced, headers off a ZX9 with a Hindle muffler, power went from 113 to 127hp.
    The OEM Bridgstones are great for wheelies and stoppies even when cold but aren't that great when the speed get up, they start to squirm. I replaced them with Michelin Pilot Sports, dont like stoppies but great at speed.
    If you want speed and the boy racer pose then the 636 is for you, but remember they are designed for race tracks not traffic.
    Cheers :twisted: