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ZX6r Fairings on a Hyo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by squidman, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Is it possible to fit ZX6R fairings onto a Hyosung GT650S ? I really want to do it, and if so how expensive?

  2. Just buy the kwaka. It will be cheaper and will be reliable.
  3. Nothing wrong with a good hyo
  4. And therein lies the tricky bit.
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  5. So at the end of the day and after spending the cost of the fairings and Dog knows what amount of effort to make them fit (and believe me, making non-standard bodywork fit and look good takes an enormous amount of time and effort) you end up with a non-standard Hyo.

    And, contrary to what many sellers seem to rather fondly believe, a non-standard bike is generally worth less than a standard one.

    Why would you bother?
  6. Just buy the stickers. Cheaper, easier & just as wanky :)
  7. Why? Mines been fine :p 22000 klm and still going
  8. If I'd got rid at 22,000 I'd be happy too...
  9. Meh mines tough, shit that I've put it through, he never dies.

    Get the stickers .
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  10. They're poorly designed, speced, and built.

    It's a wonder they make it out of the factory...
  11. you can dress a sheep as a wolf but its still a sheep...
  12. Stigger and I are the last guys to spout the wonderment of the FlungODung to ;)

    You got lucky.

    So far....
  13. You cant polish a turd?
  14. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. ](*,)
  15. Truer words have never been spoken.

    Just accept the fact that your Hyosung is a Hyosung and move on.
  16. just drink a few beers and your Hyosung will look good
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  17. Op - do you also have a beetle with a 911 body kit in the shed?

    I call troll

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  18. somebody will buy it as a boat anchor...
  19. i was expecting a few Hyo haters, my Hyos second gear did get shredded trying to do wheelies but a few months ago ive had a 2010 650cc engine put in and the bikes rides like a dream .. if you ask me ..**braces himself for major flame** Hyos are as good as Suzukis/Yamaha/Honda etc etc :)

    anyway my bikes got no fairings its the sport-tourer model with clip-ons
  20. Yeah you just hold on to that.