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ZX636R... mmmmm noice

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ~DadAgain~, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Ok - so its taken a while, but today I rode home on my new steed - the temptation to keep riding past home and do a quick lap of Mt Glorious was enormous!! lol


    (sorry not the best lighting or the best camera - but you get the idea!)
  2. oooo nice mate! Love the gold forks too :)
  3. noice. love it
  4. Love it in that colour, enjoy it!
  5. I likes dem ones... maybe next...

    Get up the mountain! You're wasting good riding time!!! :wink:
  6. I still havent got out onto the open road (sick family and other stuff getting in the way) - but even so ... I'm in love !! :dance:

    My routine is as follows:
    Leave the house at 7:15ish whilst traffic is not *too* bad - ride the 10km to work... leave work at 4pm and ride back.

    My journey is along Brisbanes Waterworks rd (any locals would know it) and despite having some traffic issues and regular sets of traffic lights its a pleasant run with a few sweeping curves across and around the gentle rolling hills.

    The bike, at 1000-6000rpm is smmmooooooth, seriously comfy with a satisfying purr coming from the engine the power comes on evenly and is perfectly sufficient to out-pull any of the regular road users at the lights with consumate ease. This is so much more relaxing than the 14,000rpm scream from the ZZR when I wanted to get away from lights. (I still got away ok against all but the most determine hoon car drivers - in which case I'd usually quit and played it safe letting them 'win').

    ..but thats up to 6,000rpm!. If I get bold.. and hang on... and wind it up a *bit* further the ZX6 wakes up... The gods are awoken and are angry. By 8,000rpm the power has continued to increase and its like someone sat on the handlebars, gently put their foot agaiinst your chest and slowly straightened their legs to try and push me off the back! The engine roars (a deep, throaty angry roar - not a pissy little whine like the 250) and the realisation that the speedo is clicking up to 3 figures and showing no sign of slowing takes hold.

    Its round about that point that life & licence -preservation concerns start to do battle with the "holy crap - this is fun!" demon and I back off a bit.

    So my ride to work seems to be a series of traffic lights with 0-100kph-70kph spurts - With each spurt result in me giggling insanely in my helmet and trying to calm myself down to be sane again. (\\:D/:facepalm:=;)

    Probably a good time to STOP doing that - eh?! (But SHIIIIT its fun!).. and I *really* need to fine the appropriate time and space to see what happens when I wind this thing up beyond 10,000rpm...
  7. Beyond 10,000? HA! Find a stretch of freeway and forget what your left foot is for, or get it to a track. Otherwise good luck!
  8. haha, good friend of mine has one of these, says it doesnt start moving untill past 10000.
  9. Very nice!

    Where is this bike on the Kawa website? I can't seem to find it.
  10. They stopped making 636's in 2006.

    Now you're stuck with 599cc or jump up to the litre (ZX10R). I rode a bradn new '08 model ZX6R (599cc) and although it was still a nice bike I did notice the difference in lower end grunt. (By all accounts the '09 ZX6 is MUCH better than the '08 - so perhaps you wouldnt miss the extra 37cc on a sparkling new one?)
  11. i got one of these to mate! Mint Bike Love em