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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DarkHorse528, May 1, 2008.

  1. Just found a bike im interested in, but i'm not too sure about it.

    It is listed as a 1996 ZX6F

    I thought they were usually R's?

    Is this a mistake by the lister? Or is there really a different bike with an F?

    Whats the difference between two?
  2. That's the less highly strung touring version. The chief difference is that it has "Suzuki" written on the tank.
  3. You mean Kawasaki, right?

    I just found some sites, saying pretty much the same thing. (engine differences)

    So it is basically a slower bike with more top end speed? Would that be correct?

    And did they have many problems?

    Im looking at doing a trade in, possibly in the next day or so, so im trying to get as much info as possible. :)

    If anyone knows any good reference sites, that would be awesome. :cool:
  4. Naw, I was just taking the piss on the assumption that somebody would come in with serious advice. Having been entirely let down in that department, I'll have to sweep up for myself. :)

    There's no such bike. It's either a typo for ZX6R, or there's a slight chance it means ZX6 streetfighter, which just means somebody's ripped off the plastics.
  5. ZX6R is the name it's sold under, ZX600F is the official designation though for that model.
  6. No..

    The older ones were less race spec, more for road use - meaning the engine was tuned to produce power at lower revs. The result is slightly less overall power and slightly lower top end speed, BUT the power is where you want it for street use.
  7. a 1996 ZX6R should be a ZX600F2

    (my '95 was an ZX600F1)