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ZX2R/zxr250 Parts and Mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by aldrich_87, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.

    I'm new to the site, and new to riding. Just recently purchased myself a Ninja250 89' for $2800 and am absolutely stoked.

    I have a few questions in mind though that need some answering... maybe you can help?

    I am thinking of doing a respray in my garage, does anyone have any experience or know of a cheap place that does it? My budget is around $100

    How do you know if a bike is tuned? And how do you tune it?

    Where are the best places to find modification parts such as digital speedo, tinted windscreen etc?

  2. Do you mean the ZXR250 or the GPX250? As far as I know, neither bike was a 'Ninja250' in Australia, but the GPX250 was known as a Ninja 250 in the states.
  3. For that money the best you're going to be able to do is a botch job with aerosols. Not something that I would recommend, but if you're keen... Clean the pieces you want to paint, sand them LIGHTLY with some fine grit paper ~300 should do it and then apply the paint evenly, from a distance of about 20cm, using a cris cross pattern. Apply multiple light coats. Let the paint dry for a few hours between each coat.

    EEEEEEEEEEBAY! For the screen at least. One for my ZZR cost about $30aud + shipping. As for the digi speedo, I've certainly never seen one, but nothing is impossible if you're good with a soldering iron and have a shittonne of patience. But I'd just leave it how it is... its more satisfying to watch an analouge speedo anyway :)

    If you really want Ebay probably has some shift lights that you can hook up...

    Good luck!
  4. Cool. Yeah I'm willing to risk it with the budget I have. Any recomendations as to what brand I should get?
  5. ZXR250... I always thought these were ninjas
  6. Yeah, they are the I4 ones that were imported. Same engine and gearbox as the Ballius.

    As for what brand you want, just ask the man in the paint shop. Don't go to bunnings, go to a Wattyl or Solver store and ask them. Tell them you're painting something plastic that is outside and will be exposed to sun. With that said I think White Knight does an aerosol spray formulated specifically for plastics.

    And I can't stress this enough. CLEAN and PREP before you paint. Seriously, spend time on this. The finish is only as good as the surface. So get rid of as much dirt, dust, shit and that as you can. Also, if there is any paint chipping, scrape off the flaking parts and then sand the area until its kinda smooth. You're going to remove some of the old paint this way, but you're painting anyway.
  7. Another option is save a bit more money prep all the plastic yourself and just see how much a painter will charge you just to paint as you can do all the prep work yourself and that what takes up most of the time they should only charge around the 400 mark just for painting as long as you do all the prep and provide them the paint, just another idea for paint cans wont last you a month in the outside condition