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ZX2R won't run

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by L9898, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. let me clarify the title. i own a 1992 ZXR250a and recently i had it RWC, once i got it back from the mechanic, i took it out for a ride and it died shortly after take off (~3kms)

    from there i gave the new-ish battery a good charge and put new spark plugs in.. it fires up fine sounds good, take it for another ride and it similarly dies after about 3 kilometers

    some of the things i noticed when the bikes dies:

    + the bike runs out of revs really fast, and then can't generate more ie. full throttle only hits 6k RPM
    + the bike kinda stutters along for a couple hundred meters on low revs before it gives up completely
    + once it decides to die, just disengaging the clutch causes it to stall.

    from here it won't start again

    any help / suggestions would be greately appreciated

  2. How fresh is the fuel in the tank?
  3. after the first run put some fresh premium in, and during the short 2nd run i also added some more
  4. Premium is unnecessary (std unleaded is fine), but that's irrelevent to your problem.

    Next thing I would try is to find and open the airbox drain hose and see what, if any, liquid comes out. I'd also suggest opening the fuel drain taps on the carbs and make sure only clean fuel comes out. To me the symptoms you describe sound like the engine is either struggling to get fuel, or struggling to get air (or both).
  5. hmm i'll give those a shot, thank you

    EDIT: i had the tank off prior so i looked inside the air box. nothing inside nor anything came out of the tap, the carbs are clean but there is currently no fuel in them
  6. Try starting it with the fuel cap open? Sometimes dirty filler cap is a problem.
  7. Tank vent somehow blocked or not working? Sufficient vacuum after 3 km to starve it of fuel and cause problem?
  8. no go

    as far as i could tell no to the first part and.. dunno about the second?
  9. If you tried it with the fuel cap open it pretty much rules out what I thought may have caused it. Matbe something is heat sensitive and 3 km is enough time for it to heat up? Something in the ignition circuitry perhaps?
  10. If the engine died and the carb bowls are empty then there's a few likely possibilities in order of increasing difficulty to check/fix:
    1. Blockage in the fuel line. Pretty self-explanatory, but a good excuse to fit an inline fuel filter.

    2. Problem with the fuel tap. Not sure what type your bike uses but if it's like many Japanese bikes there'll be a vacuum line from the carb to the tap which keeps it open when the engine is running. Check this line for breaks/leaks, and check the rubber diaphragm inside the tap for tears.

    3. Carb floats are sticking. Dismantle and clean carbs and check all moving parts actually move.
  11. In an earlier post you say you had the tank off.....

    Have you folded or kinked the fuel line to the carbs when you put the tank back on ???
  12. 1 and 2 are a non issue (plus it already has an inline filter). working on the third
    1. removed the air box and tried putting fuel directly into the carbies and starting. no go
    2. opened and checked/cleaned the fuel tap. nothing there diaphragm sealed
  13. no, the lines aren't kinked/folded if that is what you mean