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zx2r valve clearance adjustments

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Earthling, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Gday, looking at doing my valve clearance on zx2r 89 a model kawasaki. try downloading a 97 manual from links however no joy. my computer will not open the zipped folder.
    Thus you guys (hopefully), to the rescue.
    ive adjusted valve clearances before but not an over head cam job.
    i am sure there are things i must look out for when removing and/or putting back together(bolt tensions for one).
    can someone send me pages from a manual, or alternatively a whole manual, or lastly take me through the things to watch out for.

  2. Downloaded a gpx manual however very different to a zx2r. the gpx was very similiar to the zzr250 id serviced before. Anyways... someone must know something on how to adjust valve clearances for a zx2r????????? i feel this model is a remove camshafts job as i can not see any other way to do it. What do i do then????? HHEELLPP!!
  3. Buy a manual for the ZX2
  4. I would dearly love to buy a manual in English for my 89 zx2r a model however i can not find one. any ideas where? Ive tried tech shops here and in NZ and online google search.