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zx2r timing chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dar_sbb, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Im looking at getting a zx2r, 91 35k's. its in excellent condition but i think that the timing chain is making a little bit of a noise. just sounds a lil rattly.

    The sound is not loud... just has a lil rattle... is this bad news or will it be fine?

    if im looking at changing the time chain what would be a ball park figure that i will be looking at?

    Another one that i am considering is a '94 zx2r with 25k's. It has no noises but has cosmetic damage to side and front. price difference is around $200 in favour of the '94 model but the '91 looks brand new and has an exhaust and comes with riding gear that fits...

    one other question... were all zx2rs imported? i saw the complance plate on the '94 model but didnt see on one the "91...

    sorry for all the questions guys... hope u can help me out.

  2. Is the timing chain and cam chain one in the same?

    if they are its pretty costly to fix, mine done bout a month ago, cost me $400 (dat was the cheapest price i can find (ranging from 400 to 600)).

    The rattle will get progressively worse, and in my case cut a line in the rocker cover and will have to be welded.
  3. was that $400 including labour or just parts?
  4. labour and parts, but call around first and ask for prices. they vary heapz
  5. Cam chain

    You should also check the chain adjuster as these are prone to stuffing up causing the chain to wear. Also look at the slipper guides as they can be worn as well.
  6. sweet, thanks guys. Will give em a check.
  7. Buy the one with low kms, and fix the pretty bits. Cheaper in the long run, unless you are a mechanic