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zx2r - probs starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dims, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, i jsut bought my first bike, a kwaka zx2r.
    Probs starting - there is maybe 1 litre of fuel in the tank? when i open it, i can see the bottom of the tank thru the fuel as there isnt much in there...I need to always jump start the bike. i know the battery is stuffed, but if i jump start it, it works a bit better.
    2nd, it sometimes starts only when the choke is on FULLY open.
    3rd - i have no idea what my fuel switch means. it says ON, PRI and RES.
    i know what ON and RES is, but PRI? and also, it doesnt line up when i turn the knob...any ideas?

    The bike starts sometimes, but othertimes it doesnt start....i have no idea. when it has started i put a multimeter across it, battery shows around 12.5 Volts and when i rev it around 13.3 or so...that normal?

    any ideas? thanks guys

  2. get a new battery, then we will tackle any residual problems.
  3. The voltage across the battery is 11.8 volts...battery is dead yeah?
  4. yah mon , the battery be stuffed. should read around 12.5 or better

  5. Yup.. the guys are right.. battery is getting flat.. How old is the battery? How often do you ride? it could be dead or could be just need a charge.

    Me bike need choke to start in the morning.. Not full choke tho, but probably half... about 30 seconds and away I go...

    I will get back to you on the PRI. I remember reading somewhere about it...
  6. There you go.. cejay's post from another thread...

  7. "On" - normal tap position. Fuel will flow when the engine is running and createing a vacuum to the tap. It will continue to flow untill it has reached the reserve level.

    "Res"- Once this level is reached you will need to switch the tap to reserve. This allows the tank to completly drain. It also relies on vacuum from the engine

    "Pri" - short for prime. Starting the engine relies on fuel in the float bowls. Without this, your starter motor generally can't crank your engine fast enough to suck the tap open on the other two settings. Setting the tap to prime drains fuel straight into the bowls. It is used when the bowls run completley dry.

    So normal operation is; ride around until the engine starts to hesitate. Switch to "res". Get to a petrol station before it runs out and as part of your refill proceedure switch it back to "on".

    If you do run out and after you refill it won't start in the first couple of trys, then switch to "pri", wait a minute, then try again. After that switch straight back to "on".

    Be warned, if you leave it on "pri" you are counting on the float needles being a good seal to stop you crank case filling up with petrol. So don't do it!

    Note: chances are you will need to use "pri" if you service the carbies or similar
  8. ZZR250 similar probs

    Hi guys

    I dont mean to hi-jack this thread but I have just picked up this weekend an off road go-kart for my son that has a ZZR250 motor and we are having similar problems starting it. Actually, it seems to flood very easily. We did get it started using the choke only progressing to throttle and warmth and then it ran pretty well.

    The battery is new.

    I was curious if anyone knows whether the ZZR bike has a similar fuel valve to control fuel flow the motor. I have a very low pressure pump and regulator coming up to the motor from the tank between our feet.

    Brand Newbie Peter
    (To this site and motorbike motors)
  9. Re: ZZR250 similar probs

    It may be even though its a low pressure pump, its maybe still a bit high and able to overcome the carby needles and force them open coursing the flooding ?
    The fuel taps on most modern small bikes do work on vacum to operate the tap but the fuel is still a basic 'gravity feed' to the carbys ( does not apply to fuel injected models )
    Some of the larger bikes need a pump to keep up with the fuel demand even on the carby models.
  10. your battery is fine, i would think it has more to do with the engine valves.
    also it helps if you have more petrol. you might be hitting your reserve and therefore if the fuel tap not switched to the right setting, it wont start.
  11. sorted


    Thanks for your responses. I said I was a newbie and I discovered with the help of a neighbour it wasnt flooding and the smell of fuel was from a leak in the stuffed fuel regulator.

    So new reg, some great clamps and now we are starting with relative ease.

    Thx for your suggestions. I still am experimenting with how much fuel to let through the mechanical regulator.

    And boy, does it go once warmed up!