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ZX2R pricing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by recentrider, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Just signed up, I've been riding for about 18 months now and im looking into buying a ZX2R.
    Just wondering what would be the average price for the well maintained ninja 250, around 1990 era.

    Some feedback would be great, as my local dealer has a 1990 ninja that I can't find anything wrong with for $6600
    Thanks guys.

  2. Thats alot of money for something so old.

    For a good nic one, I'd say 5500.
  3. There are different model ZXR250's, the later ones (square headlight)fetch a higher price as they look better by most peoples standards.

    Price is usually in the region of $4.5-6.5k, depending on year, condition, and (sadly) the paintojob...

    Ask the dealer what kind of warranty is offered for that many pineapples.
  4. Save your cash, spend it on a decent bike when you are off your restrictions. $6.5K for a 17 year old 250 is madness.
  5. pm me, i have a friend who is selling her ~2000 zx2r for around $6k. she bought it new from peter stevens for $8k. she says it was a brand new bike, and that they brought in ~45 of them (brand new '00 models). has just over 5000km on the clock, never dropped, damaged etc etc. its located in cranbourne (mehtinks).
  6. Well my zxr250c is free!
    Well, it cost me 3600 and it was kinda rough. Spent $2K to fix it up here and there and get a road worth and rego. So about $5.5K would be sorta right.
    My older brother is taking my bike and he wont be paying anything for it. He's also taking some of my gear.
  7. We have a winner! Listen to Zilcho, he knows the right gospel.