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zx2r or zzr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Wild Violet, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. hi there

    just wanted some opinions on two bikes that im looking at buying and would love some feedback....
    im 5ft 4" and 78kg and a learner..

    zx2r '96 model with 17,000km on the clock for $4000


    zzr 250 2002 Model with 11,000 kms on the clock for $5500 hoping to get them down to $5200-$5000

    both these bike are in perfect condition are these good deals or should i wait, both have been check by a mate of mine who is a bike mechanic

    what are your opinions???? what would you choose?
    :?: :grin:
  2. ZZR250, easier to live with, more comfy etc.
  3. ZXR is more sporty and Agressive. it puts your weight more on your wrists, and gives you are more responcive turning angle

    The ZZR is a little more forgiving your weight is not up over the handlebars as much, and the seat gives you a little more room to move.

    If you want it hard and fast, and are not expecting to do any long trips theZXR is the more exciting ride. If you are more likely to get some distance behind you, and want a little more comfort the ZZR Is more the go.

    But no matter what any of us tell you here, your only real way to know is get a leg over on both of em. preferably get em both out on the road but if that is not posible at the very least have a sit, take a grip of the bars and get at least on foot up onto a peg.

    now think about what feels more comfortable and more in control. then decide if you are expecting to be in that position for a long or short time, and then at the end of the day throw most of that out of the windo and go with the gut.
  4. i'm no expert, but mate if that zxr250 is mechanically A1 and it really is 96 and not complied in 96 (not sure if they made zxr250 in 96) then 4k is pretty good :) i only started riding alot today and because i have to lean alot more i have a backache now lol. but i hope it's just something i need to get used to :) i know that you sit on the zzr more upright so it's more comfortable if your commuting. but zxr's are awesome hehe and i just started hehe. so i would say the zxr! :grin: but all depends on what you want to use it for. all the best on your decision and may you enjoy your riding :)
  5. go the zxr250 you wont look back
    its got some good go for a 250 as you always will look for more power and if u got a zzr it just wont cut it
    as for comfort well get some sheep skin covers made and u will be good or take more breaks while riding :LOL: :LOL:
  6. yeh, like bookofromans said, if you can get a zx2r '96 model with 17,000km on the clock for $4000, than its a damn bargain and a half. If your not going to buy it, pm me the seller details and i'll buy it :)
  7. im relatively new to bikes and this forum, but i think it would be ambitous to think that that is a genuine 17,000km on the clock, irrespective of the 1996 being build date or compliance.

    i googled an article somewhere on grey-imports which explain the change in the japanese laws and markets for the 250cc's in the years gone past. it described with a little bit of humour and sceptism the process that grey-imports go through from our asian neighbours to australia. can find it, but google grey-imports and im sure you'll see it. its on the first or second page somewhere....

    in saying that i bought a 97 complied zxr250 with 57,000 on the clock. unfortuntaely (as you may see in another thread) im having knocking issues.....but generally speaking im very very happy with the bike.

    it feels good to ride on, im 5'11 ab out 80kms, although i must say that after going on old pacific hyway and other road for a bit, im already thinking that i need a bigger bike, both power wise and just for my body structure.

    its not THAT uncomfortable, but my wrists/hands and riding position are definately more agile in the first 20 minutes than after an hour or so.

    all in all, DEFINATELY take it for a ride, and if it feels mechanicall alright, i say the ZXR250.
  8. zxr250.

    If the K's are really that low, and you're looking for a "fast ride" rather than smoothness, and also looking to upgrade as soon as you can with resellability of the bike in mind, then the ZXR will hold its value better than the zzr.

    Heck, if it really is a '96 for $4000, *I'D* get it.
    I got my '89 zxr for $4100, although it is very good and mechanically sound.
  9. Go the ZXR250... Its so much more fun then the ZZR250.
  10. I'm pretty new to riding as well and have in fact just bought a zxr250. There really isn't much choice out there in the 250s sport look. U really only have the Honda CBR and the Kawasaki ZXR. Definitely go the ZXR. It foes like a dream!
  11. I would go the zxr250
    mind you I do not have much experiance with different bikes

    I just purchased a zxr250
    2000 model first registered in 2003
    17K on the clock - clean bike for $4,100 on the road.
    I think I got a pretty good deal though???

    Ripper bike - alot of fun but yeah I am a big guy and am already wanting a bigger bike not as much for the power, more the comfort.
  12. hey ruff how many head lights does your zxr250 have? was it really made in 2000?
  13. ruff, that is a good deal!!!!!
    Where did you get it from!
    Most places would sell it for about $6K or so if it's in pretty good condition. (Some even worse condition!)
  14. yeh ruffy, thats an unbelievable deal, i don't really believe you unless you purchased it off a friend/family. Otherwise, the seller would be stupid to sell for that price as they could get much more
  15. $4000 is a good price for a ZX2R (a little too good really, they usually ask more so the owner might know something sinister about it) But if you get it checked by a mech and its all in good shape you might as well. If you mate says it is good then go for it.

    ZZR is the better commuter, but the seat still gives you a sore ass because its too thin, always hurt my tailbone.

    ZZR will run out of lean clearance at the end of your P's or if you want to do track stuff (if your "hoon" inclined, if not dont worry about that) But for the most part you will be just as fast on either.

    Go with what is more comfortable, ZXR can also be more expensive to service, but thats really only if something goes wrong (double the pistons, brakes etc).
    The ZXR, CBR etc are a rippof at $6000 but at $4000 its reasonable. :grin:
  16. $4000 is a really good deal for a ZX2R.... I brought mine a couple months back and have not looked back since (well not till I want to upgrade anyways). I picked mine up for $4500 that is around the average private sale price at the moment I think...

    If your mate says it is in good condition mecahnically and you want something more sporty and of the faster type in the 250 range, then the ZXR definatly has it over the ZZR. Plus, the ZXR looks better :LOL:

    Good luck with your choice.
  17. yes its real deal

    yes its no bull, the zxr is only 17,000 kms, the female owner ended up pregnant and then suffered illness(the big C) but is now recovering... Yay..! so its been away in her shed for a few year but maintained.. no its not a grey import either.. thanks guys!! still not sure yet but i'll keep you informed on what i choose... xxx
  18. like i said wild violet, let me know the seller if your not gonna buy it and i'll buy it