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ZX2R or ZXR250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by iamvinhy, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Give your reviews on ZX2R's and/or ZXR250's ..
    Interested to see what everyone thinks :LOL:

  2. I'm picking mine up in a couple of hours. I'll let you know ;)
  3. Sounds good :)
    Congrads btw ..
  4. Get one you won't be sorry, best learner bike out there IMHO.
  5. whats IMHO? :p
  6. IMHO - In my honest opinion
  7. Initial impressions:


    This thing wastes no time in reminding you that it is a cut-down version of a sports bike. The throttle is responsive, with enough usable torque until it hits its powerband somewhere around the 10,000 mark. Steering is a little stiff - if you don't know how to countersteer, you'll be stuffed. However, the bike feels like it's on rails around a corner.

    This really isn't a good first bike, but it suits me fine as something to play with till I'm off my restrictions. It's probably not a "daily rider", either - the seating position is a bit cramped and low.

    Also note that mine is was manufactured in 2000 and first ridden in 2003, so although there's been very minimal change to the bikes throughout the years, an older model might have a fair bit more wear and tear. This bike just invites you to thrash it to buggery.
  8. mipearson, I hope you love it :) but that's one of the main reasons I shyed away from a second hand cbr250rr or a zx2r. I just didn't want get something that had been hammered.

    Can I ask you what you paid for it ?
  9. That's primarily why I wanted the zx-2r rather than a fzr or cbr - because of the semi-recent Peter Stevens greys, I could find a model with less than 10,000k's on the clock. The model I bought only has 4,000 on it and was last owned by a 33 y/o.

    I paid just over $7000 for it including ORC.
  10. you've done well :)

    BTW - you need to update your profile, you're no longer riding a broken Across ;)
  11. Thanks, and Done :)
  12. ey mipearson - question.
    Is both your headlights on when in low beam? Just checking if I need to replace one of my bulbs.

    Cheers mate.
  13. Mine's a single headlight assembly - the C frame. You've got the older A frame with the dual headlights. So I can't help you :(
  14. Mine's the same with you mate its a c model - There is one plastic cover but inside you will still have 2 bulbs. Am I right? or do you only have one bulb?
  15. Ahh ok. I'll check next time I'm out. I'd guess it's one bulb for each, though...
  16. Sweet.. let me know - I might need to replace one of them - unless that is standard.
  17. I wrote the following in another forum a while ago, i've had the bike for about 5 months now.

    ***I've had my brand new little ninja (ZXR250/ZX2R) for five days now and i thought i'd give my first impression of it as a relative bike newbie with very little bike experience.
    I'm 6ft, weigh about 75 kilos.

    I find the bike fairly comfortable, although after an hour in the saddle tonight, my butts a little sore and legs a little stiff, but i guess thats a given on a smal sports bike. My legs fit in behind the fairings on either side and the hot air blowing through from the exhaust (i guess) is nice in the cold night air. Being a small bike i'm able to sit fairly upright, with arms extended. If i hunker down on the tank, my elbows stick out and up a little, but not too bad.

    All up i'm more than impressed by this 250's performance. It feels like accelerates quicker than any car i've ever been in.

    Redline is at 19500-22000.

    As i'm still running it in, and i'm still learning how to ride confidently, i haven't anywhere near explored this bikes limits. I have touched 18000 a couple of times and got a hell of a rush once i realised just how much more power comes on after 10000 revs.

    0-80 (my max due to L's - cough cough) - comes in about 3 seconds and just changed into 2nd. If you took it to redline in first you may see 80, not sure though.

    6000rpm, starts to get going.
    10000rpm, full noise comes on song, acceleration quickens, hunker down over tank, cos it feels like its gonna throw me off backwards.
    14000rpm, f1-car-like scream and induction noise fills the air, "hanging on for dear life" brings whole new meaning. as i grip as tight as my feeble hands will allow!

    Its absolutely incredible that 4, 5cm wide pistons going up and down 3cm are able to produce such a huge rush of acceleration. compared to my car anyways!

    And the brakes, twin discs up the front, single at the back, i keep pulling up way too short for corners!!! The front brakes are simply awesome, and the back brake seemed a little hard to press but tonight i briefly locked it on a dry road, at around 40 to test its limits, and found the bike very stable, although i was travelling in a straight line so i couldn't imagine anything too drastic could happen.

    I'm sure when i get to be confident enough and find some nice corners, i'll find this bike to be a real weapon.

    And i know all you big-bike bikers on busas and ducs are going pfff right about now, but hey, up until 5 days ago, the longest i'd ever been on a bike at a time has been 15 mins. So this'll do plenty for now.***

    Having had it for 5 months now, i routinely take it to the redline in my travels. And it isn't half as scary anymore. Its still loads of fun, but i can't wait for a big bore!

    Its definately the best handling, and best looking 250 that you can get. So, go for it!
  18. Haha thanks mcbigg

    Every new comment makes me want it more and more.. only 2months till I get my license :D
  19. Both my lights are on when on low beam.
  20. i am going to get my zx2r in 2wks from now only coz its not as common as the cbr. u guys say its stiffens the legs after a while. i just want to know which part of the leg. is it the front or back of the leg.