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ZX2R muffler?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by GForce, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. hi all, i am still new to this forum and i have search this forum for an after market muffler for my 04 zx2r. there are not much info about them for 250cc and i was wondering all the fellas that have a zx2r, if they have an after market muffler. i want something that is abit more noisy and grunty.
    can u fellas give me some advice on what brand and type of muffler is available for my ninja.


  2. I'm in the market for the same, I'd suggest you ring a few bike shops that stock 250cc cycles, and aftermarket pipes. There doesnt seem to be much at all on the net about our little Ninja's :(
  3. then the both of you should pm 'Cosi' and ask him
  4. i bought mine with a Formula1 muffler on it already, formula1 is a japanese company which are on a few 250 sports i believe( in japan). but they do not meet the AUS standards so they were all removed, not sure why mine is still there. maybe they just got lazy or the importer was shonky.

    its no ducati but it sounds better than other 250's :D

    neighbours do complain in the morning, whiny thing..
  5. what brand mufflers do you guys have on the ninja?
  6. i rang around adelaide and i got offered a megacycle performance muffler for $440. i dont know if its any good.
    anyone here have 1 on their bike?
  7. at that price don't bother dude!

    you wont get it back on the re-sell

    unless you have plenty of money, if so, please give me one also :D
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  9. cheers for that mate. that really helps me alot.
    now just need to know which 1 is good...ill ring them or email them to get an idea of what they might sound like.

    Yes we do sell zx2r alloy and carbon round bolt on
    mufflers, the alloy mufflers retail for $425 and the carbon fibres
    retail for $525, as to purchase them you can buy direct or you can get
    them from show and go , honda world , or bills motorcycles (SA) any of these
    are good to deal with.
    Regards, Ken Onus

  11. Isn't Honda world, Bill's Motorcycles on Main Nth Road? :p

    so its sho n go, bills or bills :p
  12. i have decided to settle for the megacycle coz my bro got 1 for his cbrr250 and its swt. better than all the other aftermarket mufflers and for its price its awesome.
  13. yeah the megacycle is a good option. check out the website and go to zx12r, thats actually my bike with the megacycle fitted..
  14. i finally got my muffler. bought a megacycle muffler and its awesome. sounds better than most aftermarket mufflers that i have heard and it has a very nice tone.
    i recommend it!
  15. review

    anyone else got any reviews of pipes? i'm looking to get one for my zxr250 a model.

    $525 for the megacycle carbon fibre just sounds a little much...but is so tempting.. although when I first started thinking about getting a pipe. i was thinking of spending roughly $150!...bad estimat...but still wishful.

    saw a generic pipe on ebay... anyone got any reviews of these things? made in china, i know...

  16. Those generic pipes on ebay should be fine.. Ask yourself how long will you keep the bike for ?? Probably not long enough for the pipe to wear out .. :wink:
  17. thanks for the reply.

    do you know what if any other models can i fit on my 1988 zxr250 ie, would a cbr rr aftermarket fit? or a zxr400 or something?
  18. I am not sure what others will fit.. Sorry..
  19. cool. thanks anyway. thinking about drilling a hole now =P
    home job=cheap ass
  20. I've got an '88 ZXR250A which has a MATSUMOTO Racetec can. It sounds fantastic! Deep, throaghty burble at idle, nice bark on overrun, good scream at 18000rpm :cool:
    It came on the bike, i tried to find info on it and all someone could dig up was someone selling them on eBay for $350. I'll try to find the link for you.