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ZX2R lighting upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Benlui, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered somewhere else, I did look but couldn't find anything... I just baught a zx2r/zxr 250 (88 model) it's in pretty good condition mechanically, although some of the fairings are scratched a little... and so far I absolutely LOVE it.

    My only real issue is the lighting, I do enjoy riding at night a lot, and am just starting out riding, so I try to stick to roads I know, but the head lights on the bike are pretty average, now I'm not sure how far I need to go to upgrade this, wether it's just some new bulbs or a complete refit of some custom HID's but I'd like some input as I'm new to bikes don't know where to start?

    I'd like a few options to look at... anything from just getting some new globes (although I don't know which ones as apparently these older japanese sport bikes have some non standard ones or something) or if anyone else has modified/costom done some new lighting how they did it and how much it cost....

    Appreciate all your help in advance :)


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  2. I don't know about headlight upgrades, but I approve of your choice of bike :D
  3. Haha thanks dude, nice to see my efforts were not invane, so much nicer then all the new 250's :D
  4. I've been looking at getting some HIDs for my Ninja, but am being turned off by the fact that HIDs don't work well in reflector housings (which your bike most likely has) as they just scatter the light in random directions. Projector housings are needed to get the most out of HIDs by projecting the light straight.

    Fitting projector housings to the Ninja is costly (~$300), and I'm not sure if you'll be able to find projectors for your bike. Been looking at these lights, which are not HIDs. However another member on this forum (Arc) has used these before and recommends them, so that's another option there. Plus they're legal.
  5. Hi! and thanks for replying.

    My first solution would be a simple bulb/globe change, but I think my bike has non standard globes, like when you turn the high beem on it turns on different globes alltogether, not sure if that's normal? I can get a pic of it tommorr.

    Basically, as I understand it, if you want to put in HID's yes you may as well put in projectors, I've seen kits to DIY mount them for about 120 bucks with everything you need, but you have to cut, drill and what ever else to make them fit on your own :p

    As I have 2 indevidual light housings... I could get a couple of mini HID projectors and mount one in each like http://www.theretrofitsource.com/product_info.php?products_id=227 these kits come for a lot less on ebay...

    But I don't know if I feel confident enough to try installing that...
  6. Thanks for the reply!

    my first pick would be a simple bulb upgrade, but I suspect my bike might have a non standard bulb fitting, each light housing has 2 globes in it... one is on for low beems and both are on for high beems, not sure if that's normal for bikes? I can get a picture tomorrow to demonstrate.
  7. are the two globes in the housing similar or is one a small little roundish one? I'd say one globe is probably a driving light and the other the bulb which would then be a H4 I reckon. A pic would be easier to see or just take the bulb out (the big one) and see what's written on it.

    I can say the upgraded phillips bulbs are awesome.
  8. please please please don't throw HIDs in a reflector housing, car or bike it annoys the shit out of everyone and i feel the sudden urge to run everyone with em off the road. I've done the mod on my hyo which came with projectors standard so the cutoff was nice and clean, but I had to adjust the angle because it would go higher when you open the throttle.

    Nothing will come close to the light a proper HID kit gives, if you do do it though make sure you get projectors (otherwise they're useless) and don't buy a cheapo kit - I grabbed one from jaycar and it's playing havoc with my tach atm.
  9. Yeah I've heard the upgraded philipse bulbs are nice, I'll try and get a pic later today, but yeah one of them is a small roundish bulb, I thought it might be a "run light" but I wasn't exactly sure what that meant... if the other bulb is H4 what would I do from there?

    I guess the part that confused me was just that the other globe only comes on with high beems, so like... it's not much good to me unless I can ride with beems on all the time... I'll try and get a pic asap, bikes parked at a friends atm.
  10. Yeah don't worry, I did enough research to spot that HID's without projectors are stupid, so don't stress there, I saw some kits to put projectors in that would require cutting and stuff probably, which I would try, but I'd be afraid I'd turn it into a dogs breakfast... maybe I'll try it later on when I've done a few smaller projects. The kits I was looking at were like


    but I'd shop around on ebay for a cheaper kit with the same projectors probably. I have two light housings... I could measure it up a bit at some point to see if it all fits, but it would be something like that if I went HID.
  11. If you're going to go cutting things it's best to pick up a spare housing/bracket/whatever from the wreckers and hack away at that. Touch wood I've gotten away with everything so far but if I do ever cock up at least I won't be off the road.

    If you get an anal cop that pings you for it (they're not a legal unless they're self levelling when switched on) you can always go back to stock to get around the defect.
  12. if they are H4 bulbs, which it sounds like they are... then it sounds like they should both be on with low beam and the filament in one is just gone if it comes on for high beams. H4 bulbs are dual filament and the low one can blow seperately of the high beam which is probably why you have only one light on for low but both on for high.

    So just change the bulbs first and foremost and you'll prob be laughing :D
  13. Haha, yeah thanks hey, I like the idea of getting some extra parts from a reckers, wouldn't know which ones to start at as I'm not orrigionally from vic? but I'm glad you suggested it, if I do decide to make a project out of it I'll deff go down that rout THANKS :)
  14. Hmm, thanks for that hey, I hope your right, that would be a nice and easy solution :), I'll get pics asap just to show what I mean... but if I can try to explain it more clearly...

    both light housings have a small globe on the bottom of the reflector, then in the middle of the reflector, both have another globe, when I turn what I assume is the normal headlights on, the small globes at the bottom go on in each housing, and the others stay off, and then when I turn on beams they both go on allong with the smaller bulbs. SO what your suggesting is that the filiments in BOTH globes in each housing have the low beam filiments burned out?

    I'm wondering if I got it wrong when looking at them now... I'm gonna have a closer look and get back to you, but thanks for your time and help! :)

    haha I think this will be easier with pics, sorry I'm pretty dyslexic... so I suck at writing :p
  15. www.findapart.com.au

    Just need model/year + description of what it is (plus a pic if you can take one/find one) and you should get a few quotes on prices, inc shipping if they're not near you.
  16. I guess you could have a H3/H1 setup but defo best to get one bulb out of the headlight and have a look on it and see what's written on it and just look at it compared to another bulb.

    But yeah, Phillips xtreme vision (+100%) put out a heck of a lot more light and visibility than a stock bulb I have found and worth the extra price.
  17. Well thanks a lot Carpethbelly, I'll have a look and show you more when I can, I don't have a lot of tools in vic so getting the bulb out may take me a bit, but I can deff suply some decent pics soon. Really appreciate your suggestions and help
  18. Thanks heaps for the link, good to know about a place like this :)
  19. First off, good choice, my ZXR-250A is from 1989 and it's never given me a problem, hope yours is the same.

    It should provide a decent amount of light with just the low beams on.

    The bike is meant to have two globes. One is the main globe and it has filaments for both low and high beams, this is the one centrally located. There is a second globe at the bottom of the housing which is smaller, this is a sort of daytime running light I'm guessing and it should always be on.

    On import my bike had the low beams on off switch removed since at the time ADR's stated that all bikes had to run lights all the time. You should be able to see the remnants of that switch on the right hand switchblock.

    This means that this is normal behaviour for the ZXR-250A's headlights:

    Ignition on, high beams/pass off: low beam filament on in main bulb, secondary bulb on.

    Ignition on, high beams/pass on: high beam filament on in main bulb, secondary bulb on.

    Ignition all the way to the right in steering lock: main bulb off, secondary bulb on.

    So the only time the main bulb should be off is if you have the key turned all the way to the right in that steering lock + lights on mode. Try that, and then go to ignition on with low beams on, the main bulb should be on. If it isn't you just need a new bulb, Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers will have some and most bike stores probably would too.

    That's probably what happened. Who knows how old the bulbs are in your bike.

    You only need tools to get the nose cone off. I'm pretty sure you can change the bulb without taking the fairing off, in which case you don't need tools at all. Here's a link to the electrical system chapter of the ZXR250C manual, you want page 15-29:


    I'd upload the whole thing but my internet is too shitty and it's a large file, have a google and you should find it. There's only a ZXR250C manual floating around but for most things it's good enough.

    Hope this helped, let us know how you go.
  20. awesome TGM, cheers for confirming that... Yep, daytime running lights are meant to be always on (or sidelights as some call them). Then just sounds like the low beam filament of both bulbs has gone which isn't surprising depending on the age of the bulbs and the fact low beams generally on 24/7