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Zx2r C fuel tank and starting problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ubermaan, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. hi guys, firat of all i have a 93 kawa zx2r the 'c' model i think, i just had rwc done where the carby whats washed and about a month ago there wasnt any problems, then just recently my bike wouldnt start, i hear the sparks and a clicking noice but thats about it, the engine doesnt even move, i can push start the bike and it will run fine. what do you think might be the cause of the problem? any tips would be good since the bike is naked atm i just dont know where to start looking.
    also i heard some knocking noice inside the fuel tank, so i opened that lid to find HEAPS of black plastic flowing on top of the fuel. so i took off the tankand empty out the petrol trying the get all the black stuff out (there was a few that was 2 or 3cm think and too big to get out from the hole). then i found a small plastic tube with meshed filter on the top. i think that it came off from the overflow tube from the inside, i assumed that because fuel started to leak out from the small tap out the right hand side of the tank after the tube fell out. i think i made the small plastic tube come when i was shaking the tank to remove the black crusty stuff. Anyways since the right hand side is only a overflow, can i just block it off and keep using the tank? if not what opions do i have?

    sorry guys the post is pretty long, any input would be appreicated :)

  2. o yea sorry forgot the mention, i rode the bike for a good hour and a half and (after push starting), but the bike still didnt start afterwards. all the lights and electronic works fine im pretty sure. i dont know why the battery is not charging, i havent had the chance to test it out, but i will soon when a get a voltage thingo
  3. Crap battery. Sounds like an "old" bike