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ZX2R and FZR2500 questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by MYToyGE, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. hey all im new to the whole road bike thing, i have been looking for a bike to lern on, 250 class but sports.
    i been lookin at everyhtin in the 250 range but i keep lookin at the zx2r's and the fzrs.... basicaly i want something realy reliable and handes great ... i keep seein fzrs for sale real cheap.. y is that? they a dud of a bike?

    cheers guys/girls.

  2. Cheap compared to what? All FZR/ZX2Rs are grey imports and at least 10 years old - so quality and reliabilty is going to depend heavily on how well it's been looked after (and the "dodginess" of the importer). Worth remembering when looking at price considering you can have a new 250 for 6-7k (eg Hyosung GT250R, Kwaka GPX/ZZR). So it's not that they were a dud - the fact that so many are still running after years of being thrashed, crashed and neglected is proof of just how well they were made. They may seem cheap compared to a CBR250RR but that's just because the prices of those are ridiculously over-inflated.
  3. good point...
  4. Hiya,

    I got my ZXR250A (a 1990 model) a couple of months ago on eBay, not roadworthy and very very cheap. After spending $1400 bucks on it at a reputable place (Brighton Kawasaki) to make it roadworthy, it's all good.

    Total spent was just over $4k, which I'm happy with as the bike is very quick for a 250, pretty reliable, and I'm not afraid of dropping it and trying things out with it. ;->

    Also, the last run of ZXR250's made was around '2003 I think, so you can still get one that's not incredibly old.
  5. the zx2r has abit more torque and is faster. top speed of a zx2r is higher and the bike itself looks and sounds sexier. where u located mate?
  6. According to which source of figures?
    If your going to buy into the Jap specs then all of the 250 inline 4's have the same 45hp (not bhp) whilst yes the torque does vary between models. Yamaha's claim to fame was to introduce the EXUP valve in the late '80s FZR's which combined with a longer cam overlap resulted in a net gain in torque in the midrange over the competition at the time.

    That said, the ZXR250C is a great bike if you can get your hands on one cheap! I recently helped put my housemates ZXR250A on the road for a very moderate sum, so it pays to shop around and get your hands dirty.

    Reliability wise, as has been said they're all early '90s (which means 15-17 years old) high-revving 'sports' bikes so condition can really vary. Your best off finding one for private sale that hasn't been resprayed and looks honest for it's age. Get a proper mechanical inspection done by a trusted bike mechanic or at least take along an experienced friend who has purchased used bikes privately before.

    The truth is you can't really go too far wrong. Most private sales will need simple things like chain & sprockets, tyre's, brake pads, and perhaps brake rotors which all add up to ~$800-1000. If the engine sounds like it's on it's last legs then thats ~$500-900 for a second hand reco'd engine. Reco'ing the front forks will set you back about $80 in parts and a day of your time (or $300-500 for a mechanic to do it for you).
  7. go get ur baby ninja/blade/fzr so u can laught at people on there vtr250 and gpx's as u fly past and feel big.

    They are coomon enough for parts and knowledge if something does goes wrong u can just repray and sell it to the next sucker down the street.

    Is it just me or do the kwakas feel chunkyerr then there cbr counterparts
  8. yes they all have 45hp but the zx2r is has more torque and you can find these figures from the internet or manual book.
    faster than a cbr and fzr as in top speed and in acceleration too as i have ridden the cbr and fzr before. cbr stops at 180km/h and i dont think the fzr can hit that (170ish). my zxr reached up to 200km/h and thats riding next to my bros 05 600rr.

    i know i am kinda bias but i have to say they are all good bikes. zxr looks more chunky but weighs less than a cbr.
  9. in my biased opinion go the fzr i havent been riding long but who cares if its got a slower top end how often do u think that will hinder u?

    like koma said the the exup valves increase the torque at lower revs which should mean faster acceleration and a more usable rev range if u ride these bikes at the top end of the rev range ur licence wont last as long as any of these bikes will

    besides the sound of the exup opening while riding sounds like a turbo winding up and makes the ride so much more fun
  10. Get whichever is cheaper. I got a cheap 93 FZR in RWC for $3500 with 28K kms on the clock. I think thats good value but would have bought the kawa or mini blade if I found one for cheap enough.
  11. at the end of the day they are all only 250's and "if" the cbr can get to 200 and the other only get to 180 it doesn't really matter because when the big bikes come by you it will make you feel like you are standing still no matter whether you are doing 180 or 200 :LOL: :roll: