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ZX250 starting problem

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. G'day, got a mate with a zx2 that im trying to get started.
    So far we've replaced the plugs (which were oily as S#@*), fully charged the battery, drained carbs and used carby cleaner, cleaned/oiled his filter, and used petrol flush additive...
    The bike doesnt sound right at start-up, its turning over but sounds like its missing (Im not sure, im a V-twin person...) and wont start. We got it going by using choke and covering the pipe, but now wont start at all. Bump started ok, with choke on, but wont take any throttle at all. Takes a good 15 mins to warm up, then runs a bit crappy for bout another 10 mins and then is ok. Idles fine when its warm. Even when she's running hot, it still wont turn over via ignition. The only other thing I can think of is he tried to jump it from a car... Ooopsie. Does this mean he's fried a relay or something? Apparently the bike was "surging" before he had to do this (ie tacho went a bit mental)
    Sorry its a bit long, its my first post. Any help what-soever would be great!

  2. sounds like your regulator is stuffed mate. get it changed and it will be fine. it controls all the electric stuff that makes the bike go.
    happened to alot of people i know and once its changed, everything runs sweet.

    Btw if you need one, i have one spare in good working order. pm me if you need one.